Ziggity Zoom's Picture Book Picks


I Love You, Little Monkey
by Alan Durant
Ages 4 - 8 Simon & Schuster Children's Pub

Little Monkey gets into mischief when Big Monkey is busy and occupied. When Little Monkey continually gets into trouble trying to get Big Monkey's attention, he gets sent to bed. But Big Monkey reassures him that he is always loved, even when he is naughty. A reassuring story that all children need to know and that parents and kids can both relate to.

Orange Pear Apple Bear
by Emily Gravett
Baby - Preschool Simon & Schuster Children's Pub

This is a great book that uses only five words in different combinations to tell a story about a plump brown bear eating an apple, an orange and a pear. The book deals with shapes, colors and sequence as the bear changes color and shape as he balances, juggles and eventually eats the three pieces of fruit.

Never Take a Shark to the Dentist: and Other Things Not to Do
by Judi Barrett
Ages 4 - 8 Atheneum

This 34 page book is sure to tickle your preschooler's funny bone. Funny illustrations and comical situations.

Max and Ruby, Hide-and-Seek
by Rosemary Wells
Ages - Preschool Boardbook Grosset & Dunlap

When Ruby tries to teach her little brother Max how to play Hide-and-Seek Max doesn't understand the rules. He keeps hiding and doesn't give Ruby any turns. Kids get to help search for Max under more than fifty flaps. (Lift the Flaps book)

Fred Stays with Me
by Nancy Coffelt
Ages - 4-8 Little Brown

This is a great book for kids living under two roofs with parents that are separated or divorced. The story unfolds through the voice of a child, "Sometimes I live with my mom. Sometimes I live with my dad. My dog, Fred, stays with me." Although "Fred" poses a number of surmountable problems, Fred is the stabilizer for this little girl, helping her to cope with this life situation.

Fancy Nancy
by Jane O'Connor
Ages - 4-8 Harper Collins

A book that little girls love. Fancy Nancy is all about "fancy". In this first book of the series, Nancy fancies up her family and teaches some big girl fancy vocabulary.