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Valentine cupcake wrappers

Printable Valentine Cupcake Wrappers

Printable Valentine Cupcake Wrappers Who doesn’t love cupcakes?  Both big and little kids … including adults in the big kid category, love cupcakes.  Cupcakes will always have a special place in our hearts.  They are a perfect party food and for any special occasion.  And truly, they can be made to look really festive with […] Read more…

calzone hearts recipe

Calzone Hearts Recipe

Wondering what to make for dinner on Valentines Day?  Look no further.  We have the most romantic recipe for you.  Calzone is a favorite around our house anyway but these little calzone hearts are off the chart yummy and adorable!   Kids will have fun helping to make these cute calzone hearts for dinner.  Filled […] Read more…

Printable Kids Advent Calendar

Free Printable Advent Calendar for Kids

In anticipation of Christmas, many families with children like to make or use an Advent Calendar in preparation for Christmas Day.  For kids, it is a way of keeping track of the number of days until the day arrives.  We love some of the very creative Advent calendars you can make but we also think […] Read more…

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