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Creativity and Imagination are important in child development. Here at Ziggity Zoom we try to incorporate fun into all sorts of creative activities including...

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Educational Projects
  • Get Up & Get Moving Activities
  • Creative Nutritional Projects
  • Parent - Child Activities

Kids Arts & Crafts
Kids Arts & Crafts
Kids Decor
Kids Decor
Toys to Make
Toys to Make
Educational Fun
Educational Fun
Kids Fun Foods
Kids Fun Foods

Simple Kid/Parent Activites
Simple Kid/Parent Activites
"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
Reward Charts
Reward Charts
Kid Certificates
Kid Certificates
T-Shirts & DressUp
T-Shirts & DressUp
ZZ Extras
ZZ Extras

Holiday Crafts
Holiday Crafts
Home Schooling
Home Schooling
Kids Arts & CraftsKids Arts & Crafts
Bunny Sock Puppet Bunny Sock Puppet

This is a fun and easy little puppet to make.  Few materials required for this little Bunny puppet and it can be fun to play with any time of the year.  Great Easter activity.

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Christmas Tree Napkin Holder Craft Christmas Tree Napkin Holder Craft

NEW !!  Cute and easy Christmas Tree napkin holders that even kids can make.

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Monster Craft from Boxes Monster Craft from Boxes

NEW !  Halloween Monsters to make from small kitchen boxes.

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Easter Egg Hunt Printable Invitation with Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt Printable Invitation with Rabbit

Free printable invitations.  Print these cute invites on heavywieght printer paper for perfect Easter Egg Hunt invitations.  4 to a page.

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Homework Chart Homework Chart

Printable homework chart for kids.  Print this chart and add stars or a favorite sticker when your child gets his homework done. 

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Large Concept Pre-K Worksheet Large Concept Pre-K Worksheet

New !   Help kids get the concept of large and small with this "large" worksheet for preschool children.  Free printable Pre-K worksheets.

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Kids DecorKids Decor
Penny Frame for Father's Day is a Fun Kid's Craft Penny Frame for Father's Day is a Fun Kid's Craft

Let your Kids make this neat Penny Frame for their room or to give as a gift..  This is an easy craft to make for Dad that he is sure to love.  Frame can be made to sit on Dads desk or hang on Dads wall.  A great Fathers Day gift.

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Rainforest Mobile Rainforest Mobile

Make this fun mobile.  All children love animals and this can spark some fun redecorating with the color scheme.  Rainforest theme.

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Rainforest Frog Decal Rainforest Frog Decal

Print this cute Rainforest Frog for a decal, print or to use with the Rainforest mobile.

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Toys to MakeToys to Make
Mermaid Magnetic Playset Mermaid Magnetic Playset

Little girls love Mermaids.  Here is a whole sheet of mermaids to print onto magnetic sheets to play with.  Can print as Mermaid Stickers.  Preschool fun.

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Princess Dressup Playset Princess Dressup Playset

Here is a darling princess playset to make.  Print on magnetic page, then cut and play. This same Princess is available as a Dress Up Game under the games section of Ziggity Zoom.  Fun preschool activity and craft.

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Frog Catch Game Frog Catch Game

Simple to make, these giant frogs, made from colorful paper plates, are a perfect preschool project.    Presto, your child can make himself a fun toy that will both make him feel special and give him exercise to boot!

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Educational FunEducational Fun
Worksheet Preschool Letters IV Worksheet Preschool Letters IV

New !  Pre-K worksheets for Letter matching.  This worksheet includes letters A, G, I, L, N.

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EarthDay Printable Wordsearch Page EarthDay Printable Wordsearch Page

Free printable EarthDay wordsearch.  Kids love to search and find the listed words.

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Alphabet Letter Match Worksheet Alphabet Letter Match Worksheet

Free printable holiday worksheet.  Preschool alphabet letter match worksheet.  Christmas theme.

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Kids Fun FoodsKids Fun Foods
Cupcake Wrappers Featuring Shamrocks Cupcake Wrappers Featuring Shamrocks

Fun printable St. Patrick's Day cupcake wrappers.  Print this fun design to make your cupcakes stand out at any Irish themed party.  Just print on heavyweight printer paper, cut out and tape around the cupcake. Shamrocks design.

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Easter Bunny Cupcake Picks Easter Bunny Cupcake Picks

Print and make these cute bunny cupcake picks for your Easter cupcakes.

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Reindeer Pancakes for a Fun Holiday Breakfast Reindeer Pancakes for a Fun Holiday Breakfast

What could be more fun than making Reindeer pancakes for breakfast on Christmas morning.  Let the kids help make their own.

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Simple Kid/Parent ActivitesSimple Kid/Parent Activites
Horse Printable Color by Number Page Horse Printable Color by Number Page

Fun for kids with these Color by Number printable pages.  Print this Horse to help with color and number recognition.  Also helps with eye to hand skills.

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Make Giant Bubbles - Solution and How To Make Giant Bubbles - Solution and How To

Easy recipe and directions for making Giant Bubbles.  Kids can make these easy giant bubble blowers and then create the biggest bubbles ever.  A fun summer day activity.  Fun for parents too!

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Halloween Candy House Halloween Candy House

A fun food project to make a Halloween candy House.  Set out the candy and cookies and let kids design their own spooky Halloween house.

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"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
Leap Frog Fun Leap Frog Fun

This simple Hopping game is not only fun to make but will provide lots of exercise and fun for preschoolers.

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Turtle Hop Turtle Hop "chalk & pavement" game

A fun variation of the Hop Scotch game.  All the kids need is some chalk to have some outdoor fun with this Turtle hopping game.  "Safe" areas make this an easy game for preschool kids to play while they get some exercise and fresh air.

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Look & Find:  BACKYARD Look & Find: BACKYARD

Here is an outdoor activity to keep kids entertained while getting some "fun" exercise.  Print the sheet of things to find in the backyard and watch them go!

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Reward ChartsReward Charts
Good Attitude Award Good Attitude Award

Want to reward some little person for their Good Attitude?  Here's a free printable reward to present.

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Saving Chart for Kids Saving Chart for Kids

If your Kids are saving for something special, help them visualize how much money they have saved so far and how much more money they need.  "I'm Saving for" chart for preschool money concept.

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Healthy Eating Chart Healthy Eating Chart

Keep track of all the good Veggies & Fruits your child eats.    Encourages good, healthy eating with this fun chart.   Let Kids think that good eating is a fun activity.

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Kid CertificatesKid Certificates
Good Attitude Award Pink Good Attitude Award Pink

Print off these "Good Attitude Awards'" to reward your children.

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Good Attitude Printable Award Good Attitude Printable Award

Reward the children with the best attitudes with this great "Good Attitude Award".

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You're the Best Certificate You're the Best Certificate

Want to make your child feel special?  Print this certificate and frame it.

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All Kid Certificates Activities

T-Shirts & DressUpT-Shirts & DressUp
Make a Bunny T-shirt Make a Bunny T-shirt

Make this fun Ziggity Zoom bunny t-shirt.   Just print and press.   Free printable transfer design.

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Pirate Vest & EyePatch Pirate Vest & EyePatch

Here is an easy-to-make Pirate vest and eyepatch for your favorite little pirate.  Made from felt and shoelaces, there is no sewing required to make this pirate vest.

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Make an easy Skeleton Costume from a Pillowcase Make an easy Skeleton Costume from a Pillowcase

NEW !  Easy to make Skeleton costume from a pillowcase and felt.  Such a cute kid's costume to make for pennies.

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ZZ ExtrasZZ Extras
March Horse Print March Horse Print

Here is the free art print for March ... the Shamrock Horse.  Print on heavyweight paper for a great frameable print to add to your collection.

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Patriotic Star Mobile 4th of July Craft Patriotic Star Mobile 4th of July Craft

Make this fun Star mobile for the 4th of July to decorate your picnic area.  Or hang this patriotic mobile inside your doorway to greet guests.  Easy to make 4th of July craft.  Arts and crafts for kids are one of their favorite summer activities.  Let them help make this mobile.

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April Horse Print for Easter April Horse Print for Easter

Here comes the Easter Horse!  Print this art image on heavyweight printer paper for a fun art print suitable for framing.  This funny horse is all ready for Easter with his own Easter basket.

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Holiday CraftsHoliday Crafts
Kids Can Make Ice Cream in A Bag in 5 Minutes Kids Can Make Ice Cream in A Bag in 5 Minutes

With just a few ingredients and a little shaking, kids can make their own ice cream.  This is a great group project and one that is always fun and amazing!

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Fun Pattern Sequence Pre-K Worksheet 1 Fun Pattern Sequence Pre-K Worksheet 1

New!  Pattern sequence worksheet to print for preschool learning.  Free printable pre-K worksheet for classroom or home use.

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Worksheet Preschool Letters III Worksheet Preschool Letters III

Match the letter to the correct object that starts with that Letter.  Preschool letter recognition. Letter worksheet includes letters K, R, E, P, O.

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Worksheet Preschool Letters V Worksheet Preschool Letters V

New !  Matching letter worksheet for preschool kids.  Letters J, Q, B, R, Z.  Free printable educational worksheets.

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All Teachers Activities

Handmade Christmas cards Handmade Christmas cards

NEW !!  Make pretty handmade holiday cards for Christmas, New Years or Chanukah.  These cards are made from card stock and scraps of paper and other little adornments.

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Dipped Pretzel Dipped Pretzel

This is a fun food item that the kids can help make.  We just used store bought Frosting, Pretzel rods and sprinkles.  Fun to give as gifts and tasty too.

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Chocolate Mashed Potatoes Chocolate Mashed Potatoes

NEW !!  Kids will have fun eating their mashed potatoes, especially when they get to try chocolate flavored potatoes!  Scooped to look like ice cream, it''s a fun dish to serve.

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All Parents Activities

Home SchoolingHome Schooling
Auditory Instructions 2 Part Auditory Instructions 2 Part

Print this free worksheet to help your child with Auditory Instructions.  This is a two part instruction worksheet.  Good for preparing for Kindergarten.

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Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder

Let kids make this fun Popsicle stick pencil holder for their room or for dad on Father's Day.  It's an easy craft project for school or home.  Great gift for dad.

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Bunny Candy Container from Recyclables Bunny Candy Container from Recyclables

If you have ever wondered what to do with discarded Creamer containers, well here you go!  These super cute Bunny candy containers can hold your Easter M&Ms or jelly beans.  And how perfect for a special Easter gift.  Make these little Bunnies and fill with mini candies for your firend sna relatives.  Super easy to make.

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