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Creativity and Imagination are important in child development. Here at Ziggity Zoom we try to incorporate fun into all sorts of creative activities including...

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Educational Projects
  • Get Up & Get Moving Activities
  • Creative Nutritional Projects
  • Parent - Child Activities

Kids Arts & Crafts
Kids Arts & Crafts
Kids Decor
Kids Decor
Toys to Make
Toys to Make
Educational Fun
Educational Fun
Kids Fun Foods
Kids Fun Foods

Simple Kid/Parent Activites
Simple Kid/Parent Activites
"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
Reward Charts
Reward Charts
Kid Certificates
Kid Certificates
T-Shirts & DressUp
T-Shirts & DressUp
ZZ Extras
ZZ Extras

Holiday Crafts
Holiday Crafts
Home Schooling
Home Schooling
Kids Arts & CraftsKids Arts & Crafts
Easter Basket  from Oatmeal Container Easter Basket from Oatmeal Container

Make this sweet little Easter basket for a centerpiece.  Simple to make, it is fashioned from a discarded oatmeal container.  Add some paint and ribbon and it turns into a great Easter basket.

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Mini Boxes to Decorate from Recyled Tins Mini Boxes to Decorate from Recyled Tins

Make some fun little boxes that the kids can keep all their tiny treasures in.  We used some discarded mint tins and other little boxes with lids.  Assorted sizes of templates to print on sticker paper.  Great little gift for the kids to make.

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Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder

Let kids make this fun Popsicle stick pencil holder for their room or for dad on Father's Day.  It's an easy craft project for school or home.  Great gift for dad.

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Bunny Mask to Make Bunny Mask to Make

A cute and funny Bunny mask to make.  Kids love to act like bunnies so now here is their chance to make a cute bunny mask and hop all around.  Great halloween mask for little ones or just for dressup play.

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Yipee Gator Color-a-Card Yipee Gator Color-a-Card

Color this fun gator and make this a card someone will just love.  It would be a great father's day card to make or for a friend's birthday.

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Hoppy Easter Cut & Match Activity Hoppy Easter Cut & Match Activity

Print this fun Easter activity page for some preschool Easter fun!  Cut out and Match the bunnies and chicks.

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All Printables Activities

Kids DecorKids Decor
Alligator Jungle theme Color My Placemat Project Alligator Jungle theme Color My Placemat Project

Make a Jungle themed "Color My Placemat" for your child or do as a class project.  Just print and laminate for hours of fun coloring over and over again.  Or let the kids color first and then laminate so they have their own art at their place setting every night.

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Goodie TwoShoes Decal Goodie TwoShoes Decal

Print this Goodie TwoShoes decal and remember her motto ... You can never be TOO Nice!    Use this image for making the Goodie TwoShoes soft doll.  Preschool heroine.

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Bubble the Dragon Decal Bubble the Dragon Decal

This fun decal of Bubble the Dragon can be used on windows or any smooth surface in your childs room.  Print on clear window decals.  Kids have fun repositioning them on closet door, windows and mirrors. 

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Toys to MakeToys to Make
Halloween Theatre from Recycled Box Halloween Theatre from Recycled Box

Make this fantastic little theatre from an old recycled cereal box or cracker box.  Then print out the cute Dancing Cat to dance around inside.  Make some little finger puppets.  Fun for Halloween or any time of the year!

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Wizzo the Dragon Puzzle Wizzo the Dragon Puzzle

Make this fun Dragon puzzle.  Print on a magnetic page for even more fun.  Preschool craft activity.

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Dragon Mask or Dragon Wind Toy Dragon Mask or Dragon Wind Toy

Perfect for the Chinese New Year.  Print this colorful dragon head to make as a mask or make a fun dragon toy on a stick.  Add streamers of crepe paper or ribbon for a fun dragon activity project.

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Educational FunEducational Fun
Pre - K  Tracing Page Pre - K Tracing Page

This is one of the best activities for preschool children to help  develop control when using a pencil.  Print this sheet often and let your child practice tracing the lines. 

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ZZ Alphabet Worksheet - Letter i ZZ Alphabet Worksheet - Letter i

Pre-K worksheet for tracing the alphabet letter I.  Preschool education resources.

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Worksheet Preschool Letters IV Worksheet Preschool Letters IV

New !  Pre-K worksheets for Letter matching.  This worksheet includes letters A, G, I, L, N.

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Kids Fun FoodsKids Fun Foods
Cute Puppy Dog Sandwich the Kids Will Love Cute Puppy Dog Sandwich the Kids Will Love

This little Puppy Sandwich is my favorite.  All kids love puppies, so this is a great little fun sandwich to make for lunch ... just for fun.  Or let the kids make their own, just put all the ingredients in the center of the table.  A great party idea.

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Red-White-Blue Printable Cupcake Wrappers Red-White-Blue Printable Cupcake Wrappers

Red, White and Blue cupcake wrappers for your Patriotic parties and picnics.  Just print on heavyweight paper, cut out and tape around your cupcakes for some awesome compliments on your awesome cupcakes!

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Partridge in Pear Tree salad Partridge in Pear Tree salad

Easy to make and fun to serve ... a Partridge in a Pear Tree salad for the Holidays.  Kids can help with this fun food preparation.

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Simple Kid/Parent ActivitesSimple Kid/Parent Activites
Kool Aid Play Dough Recipe Kool Aid Play Dough Recipe

A simple kitchen recipe to make homemade play dough from Kool Aid.  It's non-toxic and can be kept in a plastic bag until used.

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Photo Keychain or Purse Dangle Photo Keychain or Purse Dangle

Easy to make personalized "photo" keychain or a little photo "dangle" for mom's purse.  This is a simple to make gift for Mother's Day and one that is really special because it lets Mom share photos of her kids.  Make separate "photos" to put on one ring or place 2 photos back to back.

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Easy Wind Mobile to Make Easy Wind Mobile to Make

This is a fun project for a Summer day or for a group of kids for a camp project.  Made from a twig, string and Metal washers, it is also an inexpensive project.  Fun to watch in the breeze!

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"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
Water Balloon Pinata Water Balloon Pinata

This Water Balloon pinata is a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day.  The kids love this and it gets them up and moving.  Just be sure to only use a plastic bat for swinging at the pinata. Part of our Summer Fun guide of family activities.

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Hopscotch Mat Hopscotch Mat

Here is an easy-to-make Hopscotch Mat for hours of fun and exercise.

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Fun Bowling Set Fun Bowling Set

Make this fun, colorful & inexpensive bowling set with your child.  This will provide a fun do-together activity, exercise and a real sense of accomplishment for your child.

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All "Get Up & Get Moving" Activities Activities

Reward ChartsReward Charts
Good Attitude Award Good Attitude Award

Want to reward some little person for their Good Attitude?  Here's a free printable reward to present.

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Awesome Kid Stickers Awesome Kid Stickers

Print these stickers and use to let your favorite kid know how great you think he or she is.  Reward Stickers.

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Screentime Chart - Keep Track of Computer / TV Time Screentime Chart - Keep Track of Computer / TV Time

Print this Screentime Chart to keep track of your child's time on the computer, tv and video games.  Print the companion Screentime disks on sticker paper so the kids can help keep track too.

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All Reward Charts Activities

Kid CertificatesKid Certificates
Good Attitude Award Pink Good Attitude Award Pink

Print off these "Good Attitude Awards'" to reward your children.

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Good Attitude Printable Award Good Attitude Printable Award

Reward the children with the best attitudes with this great "Good Attitude Award".

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# 1 KID Certificate Purple # 1 KID Certificate Purple

Print this colorful certificate for your #1 KID.

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All Kid Certificates Activities

T-Shirts & DressUpT-Shirts & DressUp
Princess Crown Princess Crown

Make this pretty little Princess crown.  Simple to make and hours of fun for any little princess.  Easy for Preschoolers.

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Arts and Crafts for Kids Patriotic Necklace Arts and Crafts for Kids Patriotic Necklace

Kids love arts and crafts and this is an easy craft for even young children.  This is a great 4th of July craft for kids.  Using just drinking straws and possibly beads, kids can make a bracelet and necklace for themselves or for a gift.  It's a fun dressup accessory.  For more dressup projects.

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Make a Hula Girl Costume from A Pillowcase Make a Hula Girl Costume from A Pillowcase

This is a super easy costume to make for your little girl from a pillowcase.  You can make this for no money what-so-ever from a pillowcase you already have.  fun for dressup play.

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ZZ ExtrasZZ Extras
Dragon Dots Dragon Dots

Print these dots to accessorize the Dragon shower curtain project.

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May Horse Print to Print and Frame May Horse Print to Print and Frame

Part of the 12 Monthly Horse print series "Horses for All Seasons" by Sharon Pierce McCullough to print and frame.  The May Horse is our free print for the month of May.

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Louie the Dragon Decal Louie the Dragon Decal

You can make a fun window using all the dragon images.  Or print Louie the dragon for a big sticker.

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All ZZ Extras Activities

Holiday CraftsHoliday Crafts

All Holiday Crafts Activities

Fun with Felt Fun with Felt

Let kids create a fun piece of art from felt and felt scraps.  An easy and inexpensive art project suitable for preschool kids.

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Cutting Practice Worksheet 3 Cutting Practice Worksheet 3

Preschool worksheets for learning how to cut paper.  Helps develop fine motor control for preschoolers.  Print all three worksheets and let your child put, color and paste his cut paper onto another piece of paper to make a piece of artwork.

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Thanksgiving Word Worksheet Thanksgiving Word Worksheet

NEW !  Free printable WORD worksheet fot Thanksgiving.  Let kids see how many words they can form using the letters in Thanksgiving.

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All Teachers Activities

Worksheet Preschool Letters II Worksheet Preschool Letters II

More letters for preschool educational fun.  Match the letters to the object and write the letter.  Letters B, F, S, T, H.

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Giraffe Mask to Make for Halloween or Just for Play Giraffe Mask to Make for Halloween or Just for Play

Easy mask to make for a kids's Halloween costume or just for pretend play anytime of the year.

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Easter Word Worksheet Easter Word Worksheet

Print this Easter word worksheet for a kids activity.  See how many words they can make using the word E-A-S-T-E-R.

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All Parents Activities

Home SchoolingHome Schooling
Snowman Party Cupcake Wrappers to Print Snowman Party Cupcake Wrappers to Print

New!  Fun Snowman cupcake wrappers to print and use for all your holiday and Christmas parties.  Just print, cut and tape, it's that easy.  Your cupcakes will be the rave of the party.

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Easy Felt Hearts & Flowers Mobile for Mom Easy Felt Hearts & Flowers Mobile for Mom

A fun gift to make for Mom or just for making your room look pretty.  It's a great Spring craft project that only requires felt, ribbon and a piece of foam. What better way to tell Mom you love her than with pretty Hearts & Flowers!

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Easy Nurse Costume or Doctor Costume to Make Easy Nurse Costume or Doctor Costume to Make

NEW !   Make this cute and easy Nurse or Doctor dressup outfit for play or as a Halloween costume.  It's a no-sew costume to be made from a simple white pillowcase.

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