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Creativity and Imagination are important in child development. Here at Ziggity Zoom we try to incorporate fun into all sorts of creative activities including...

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Educational Projects
  • Get Up & Get Moving Activities
  • Creative Nutritional Projects
  • Parent - Child Activities

Kids Arts & Crafts
Kids Arts & Crafts
Kids Decor
Kids Decor
Toys to Make
Toys to Make
Educational Fun
Educational Fun
Kids Fun Foods
Kids Fun Foods

Simple Kid/Parent Activites
Simple Kid/Parent Activites
"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
Reward Charts
Reward Charts
Kid Certificates
Kid Certificates
T-Shirts & DressUp
T-Shirts & DressUp
ZZ Extras
ZZ Extras

Holiday Crafts
Holiday Crafts
Home Schooling
Home Schooling
Kids Arts & CraftsKids Arts & Crafts
Monkey Bank Monkey Bank

Encourage your child to save money by making this cute Monkey Bank together.  A colorful,  fun and easy art project.

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Make Fossil Prints from Kitchen Ingredients Make Fossil Prints from Kitchen Ingredients

This is a Fun Fossil Making activity that kids have a great time doing.  Half of the fun is collecting the nature things to make into fossils.

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Special Needs Easy Art Project Special Needs Easy Art Project

This is an easy project from Kathy Barbro for kids that have special needs and that may be autistic.  She uses this in her classroom in Studio City, CA. 

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Kids Foam Alien Mask to Make Kids Foam Alien Mask to Make

Make this fun alien mask in different colors and your child and his friends can play aliens.   Mask is made from foam.  Simple preschool activity.

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Awesome Kid Stickers Awesome Kid Stickers

Print these stickers and use to let your favorite kid know how great you think he or she is.  Reward Stickers.

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Color by Number Clown Color by Number Clown

Print this Color by Number page and kids can color the funny Clown.  Helps children with number and color recognition.

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Kids DecorKids Decor
Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder

Let kids make this fun Popsicle stick pencil holder for their room or for dad on Father's Day.  It's an easy craft project for school or home.  Great gift for dad.

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Rainforest Gator Decal Rainforest Gator Decal

Use this cute Rainforest Gator to make a decal, print or mobile.

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Make a Color My Placemat with Horse theme Make a Color My Placemat with Horse theme

Make a Horse "Color My Placemat" for your child or do as a class project.  Just print and laminate for hours of fun coloring over and over again.  Or let the kids color first and then laminate so they have their own art at their place setting every night.

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Toys to MakeToys to Make
Surfer Puzzle Surfer Puzzle

Make this fun Magnetic Puzzle.  Just print, cut and play.  Fun craft and toy to make for Preschoolers.

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Sock Puppy Puppet Sock Puppy Puppet

Kids will love making and playing with this easy-to-make Puppy sock puppet.  Easy preschool craft activity.

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Kool Aid Play Dough Recipe Kool Aid Play Dough Recipe

A simple kitchen recipe to make homemade play dough from Kool Aid.  It's non-toxic and can be kept in a plastic bag until used.

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Educational FunEducational Fun
Halloween Word Worksheet Halloween Word Worksheet

NEW !  Printable Halloween word worksheet.  Let kids find how many words they can form from the word Halloween.

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ZZ Alphabet Worksheet - Letter n ZZ Alphabet Worksheet - Letter n

Tracing worksheet for letter N, lower case.  Preschool printable alphabet worksheets.

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ZZ Alphabet Worksheet - Letter T ZZ Alphabet Worksheet - Letter T

Make learning fun with these Alphabet worksheets.  Printable preschool worksheets.  T is for Turtle.

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Kids Fun FoodsKids Fun Foods
White Chocolate Popcorn Recipe White Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Make this easy and delicious recipe for white chocolate popcorn.  We added cranraisins to ours for a fun holiday twist.

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Healthy Turkey Salad Healthy Turkey Salad

NEW !!  A fun and healthy salad to serve for Thanksgiving dinner or any time of the year.  It’s a great way to get kids to eat more veggies.  Turkey feathers could also be made from various fresh veggies, such as red peppers and celery.

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Make Bunny Crepes Filled with Strawberries Make Bunny Crepes Filled with Strawberries

What a fun dessert!  Turn your favorite filled crepes into Bunnies for Easter.  They’re easy to make and fun to eat. 

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Simple Kid/Parent ActivitesSimple Kid/Parent Activites
Monster Craft from Boxes Monster Craft from Boxes

NEW !  Halloween Monsters to make from small kitchen boxes.

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Easter Egg Hunt Printable Invitation with Bunny Chick Easter Egg Hunt Printable Invitation with Bunny Chick

Print these cute Easter Egg Hunt invitations on heavyweight printer paper for your Easter egg hunt.

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First Sewing Project to Make a Mini Purse First Sewing Project to Make a Mini Purse

Many little girls ask to sew and this is a perfect "first sewing experience" for a little girl.  Made from felt, this little purse only requires simple hand stitching and a patient mom or teacher. Arts and Crafts for Kids.

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"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
Water Balloon Pinata Water Balloon Pinata

This Water Balloon pinata is a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day.  The kids love this and it gets them up and moving.  Just be sure to only use a plastic bat for swinging at the pinata. Part of our Summer Fun guide of family activities.

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Look & Find:  ZOO Look & Find: ZOO

Print this Look & Find sheet to take to the zoo.  Kids can look for animals and things found at the Zoo.

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Look & Find:  BACKYARD Look & Find: BACKYARD

Here is an outdoor activity to keep kids entertained while getting some "fun" exercise.  Print the sheet of things to find in the backyard and watch them go!

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Reward ChartsReward Charts
Homework Chart Homework Chart

Printable homework chart for kids.  Print this chart and add stars or a favorite sticker when your child gets his homework done. 

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Good Attitude Award Good Attitude Award

Want to reward some little person for their Good Attitude?  Here's a free printable reward to present.

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Screentime Tracking Disks Screentime Tracking Disks

Printable Screentime tracking disks to print and cut out for use with Screentime Chart.  Print on Sticker paper or plain paper.  Kids can attach to chart.

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Kid CertificatesKid Certificates
Good Attitude Award Pink Good Attitude Award Pink

Print off these "Good Attitude Awards'" to reward your children.

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# 1 KID Certificate Purple # 1 KID Certificate Purple

Print this colorful certificate for your #1 KID.

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Great Job!  Printable Certificate Great Job! Printable Certificate

Print this Great Job certificate to reward some great kid for his /her efforts. 

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All Kid Certificates Activities

T-Shirts & DressUpT-Shirts & DressUp
Pirate Hat Pirate Hat

Make a simple Pirate hat for the pirate in your house.  Quick and easy to make.  Kids pirate hat.

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Arts and Crafts for Kids Patriotic Necklace Arts and Crafts for Kids Patriotic Necklace

Kids love arts and crafts and this is an easy craft for even young children.  This is a great 4th of July craft for kids.  Using just drinking straws and possibly beads, kids can make a bracelet and necklace for themselves or for a gift.  It's a fun dressup accessory.  For more dressup projects.

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Princess Crown Princess Crown

Make this pretty little Princess crown.  Simple to make and hours of fun for any little princess.  Easy for Preschoolers.

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ZZ ExtrasZZ Extras
ZZ Alphabet Worksheet - Letter M ZZ Alphabet Worksheet - Letter M

M is for Monkey.  Free printable alphabet worksheets for all 26 letters of the alphabet.

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May Horse Print to Print and Frame May Horse Print to Print and Frame

Part of the 12 Monthly Horse print series "Horses for All Seasons" by Sharon Pierce McCullough to print and frame.  The May Horse is our free print for the month of May.

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August Print - Beachy Horse August Print - Beachy Horse

Second in a series of 12 images, titled "Horse for All Seasons" ... these are art images by Sharon Pierce McCullough and available each for one month.  This horse, Beachy Horse, is for the month of August.  It will be available to print, on Heavyweight printer paper, only during the month of August.  Suitable for Framing. 


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Holiday CraftsHoliday Crafts
Make Cute ToothFairy Pockets Make Cute ToothFairy Pockets

When time comes around for kids to start losing baby teeth,  this is a great little project for awaiting the Tooth Fairy.  This is an easy craft project kids can help make.

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Right Directional Worksheet Right Directional Worksheet

New!  Free printable preschool worksheet for teaching the concept right (see left worksheet also). 

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Dragon Mask or Dragon Wind Toy Dragon Mask or Dragon Wind Toy

Perfect for the Chinese New Year.  Print this colorful dragon head to make as a mask or make a fun dragon toy on a stick.  Add streamers of crepe paper or ribbon for a fun dragon activity project.

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Irish Wordsearch Printable Irish Wordsearch Printable

Print this Luck o' the Irish wordsearch for a fun St. Patrick's day activity.

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All Teachers Activities

Count and Color the Penguins Count and Color the Penguins

Print this page for kids to count and color the penguins.  There are seven.

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New Spanish - English Word Match New Spanish - English Word Match

New!   Spanish - English word match game.  New words for Spring.  Print on magnetic printer paper for a fun, enduring game.  Combine with other printable Spanish - English word pages in this Educational Activities section of ZiggityZoom.

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Number Tracing Worksheet 7 - 9 Number Tracing Worksheet 7 - 9

Pre-K and kindergarten worksheets to print.  Number tracing for numbers 7 to 9.

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All Parents Activities

Home SchoolingHome Schooling
Worksheet Preschool Letters II Worksheet Preschool Letters II

More letters for preschool educational fun.  Match the letters to the object and write the letter.  Letters B, F, S, T, H.

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Uncle Sam Party Favor & Napkin Ring Craft Uncle Sam Party Favor & Napkin Ring Craft

A fun 4th of July craft from a recycled paper tube.  How cute is this Uncle Sam ?  Use as a party favor and add a mini-cupcake paper plus candy.  Or use for a patriotic napkin ring with your red, white and blue theme.  Make the Stars & Stripes Mobile to hang in your picnic tree. 

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Easter Egg Hunt Printable Invitation with Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt Printable Invitation with Rabbit

Free printable invitations.  Print these cute invites on heavywieght printer paper for perfect Easter Egg Hunt invitations.  4 to a page.

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