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  1. Determine who will be the first Octopus, as they will start in the center of the Ocean.
  2. All other players are Fish.  Fish line up at one end of the ocean and the Octopus calls out "I am the Octopus, full of black potion ... Let's see if you can cross my Ocean!"
  3. The Fish then try to swim (run) across the ocean and the Octopus tries to tag them.  If tagged before reaching the other side of the Ocean (which is marked) then they become Crabs on the ocean floor.  Crabs must stay where they were tagged, leaving one foot planted as they try to also Tag players running by.  Any player tagged also becomes a Crab.
  4. Each time players reach the other side of the Ocean, the Octopus and Crabs say the chant again and the players try to cross the Ocean again.  Last Fish tagged becomes the new Octopus.


  • You just need a good grassy area to play this game.
  • Set up a pretend "rectangular "Ocean".  A good way to determine how wide to make the ocean is to have all players stand in a line, holding hands, then spread out and the furthest ends will be boundary lines.  Mark these sidelines with a marker of some sort.