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Well, you can make a healthier version of potato chips for your kids in just a few minutes and with very little mess. Take 2-3 small Yukon Gold or Fingerling Potatoes and cut them into thin round slices using a mandolin (veggie slicer). Sprinkle their favorite spices or a little salt or salt and pepper on the potato slices. Place the potato slices around a paper plate so the slices are barely touching another slice. Put the plate in the microwave and Cook them until crisp and slightly brown. Remove, cool and serve with a nutritious lunch or as a snack. To achieve crispy potato chips, try your Cook Bacon Setting. For my microwave I selected Cook, Bacon, 6 Slices or 4:30 minutes- in my microwave it created crispy, evenly cooked chips and everyone in the family approved. I did watch them and once I saw a slight color change I stopped the microwave to check to see how done the chips were. You may have to play with your settings and try a few batches before you get them perfect-but the taste and quality are worth the testing, and it is a no fuss clean up for a healthy, tasty treat.


  • Round Potato Slices
  • Salt
  • Seasoning
  • Paper Plate