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  1. Ice cupcakes
  2. Cut 7 pieces of different colored Twizzlers to 2 1/2 " long.  Can vary lengths if desired.
  3. Press Twizzler tail feathers into icing and even further into cupcake so feathers won't fall out.  They may lean back a bit, so try to make rather straight.
  4. Press head (werther's candy) into position and then add a candy corn for beak and M&M for the gobbler.
  5. With a toothpick, add two dots of icing for eyes on the head.
  6. Gobble!  Gobble!


  • Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Icing
  • Rainbow Twizzlers
  • Werthers's Butterscotch candies
  • Candy corn
  • orange M&Ms