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  1. Assemble Reindeer bodies by sliding a pretzel stick through two marshmallows, one from either end.
  2. Use 4 whole pretzel sticks for legs and a half of a pretzel stick for each antler.
  3. Fold a 1 inch piece of licorice string in half and insert into face of reindeer for a red nose.  We used cloves for eyes and the tail but you could use other things like gummy candies.
  4. Attach head with half of a pretzel stick and then tie a piece of red licorice around neck for decoration.
  5. Reindeer can be made to stand or sit, depending how persnickity your reindeer is that day!


  • Large Marshmallows
  • Stick Pretzels
  • Red Licorice strings
  • Cloves or gummy candies for eyes/tail