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  1. Wash and iron pillowcase.
  2. Lay pillowcase flat, and referring to photo/diagram, cut armholes and neck area, leaving only the shoulders attached at the top of the pillowcase seam.  Then cut bottom three inches off of the pillowcase at the open end.  Depending on the height of the child, you may want to cut off additional length.
  3. Make lengthwise cuts from the bottom of the pillowcase to form the "hula skirt".  These will be like strips.
  4. With needle and thread, attach a 12 inch length of ribbon to each side seam at waist.  These will tie in the back.
  5. Cut felt leaves and flowers and attach with fabric glue or attach with iron-on fusible fabric.

            Accessories    LEI - Make a tissue paper lei with colored tissue paper, needle and thread.  Crumple pieces of paper and  string together to make the Lei.   FLOWER - Make a felt flower and attach to a barrett or bobby pin for the hair.


  • Cotton pillow case
  • Scissors
  • Felt for flowers
  • Fabric glue or Fusible interfacing
  • Ribbon for ties
  • Needle & thread