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  1. After gathering the sticks, cut 1 body piece 6" long, 4 legs 9 " long, 1 V-shaped head-neck piece (neck 4" long and head section 2 " long.)
  2. Make antlers from small branches, cutting 2 lengths about 7-8" long.
  3. Using tape, connect legs to front and back of body, twisting a thin strip of duct tape around each leg and the body several times to get a good joint.
  4. Connect head/neck section, repeating the taping process.
  5. Add antlers, one at a time, fastening well with the tape.
  6. Spray reindeer and let dry completely.
  7. You may even want to make a herd of reindeer, varying sizes, for a stunning centerpiece.


  • Assorted sticks
  • Silver or metallic duct tape
  • Silver spray paint
  • Garden clippers