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  1. Remove printed casing from containers.  Wash and dry containers thoroughly before painting.
  2. Paint all visible surfaces with a coat of gesso (this is available from craft stores and art suppy stores).  Let dry.
  3. Repeat with second coat of gesso.
  4. Paint all surfaces with white paint.  Let dry thoroughly.
  5. Cut 4 rabbit ears from white foam for each rabbit.  Trim about 1/2 inch from the bottom of two of the ears.  Remove backing and stick 2 ears together, using one full ear and one "trimmed" ear.  Cut a thin "pink" ear to fit the top of your ear and press in place on white ear.
  6. Press the "sticky" end of the ear in place on the back of the container.  Make sure lid can open with ear in place.  Add second ear.  To make ear attachment more secure, you can add a small amount of tacky white glue, or similar, to the area above the ear attachment.
  7. Cut out a nose and whiskers from foam and press into place, as shown.  Glue wiggly eyes in place and let dry.  Optionally, you can draw eyes with a marker.
  8. Finish by adding two coordinating pieces of ribbon around the rabbit's neck, leaving nice size streamers.  Fill with candy!


  • Creamer containers
  • Gesso paint (helps paint stick to slippery surfaces)
  • White paint / brush
  • Sticky-back foam sheets, white and pastel colors
  • Wiggly eyes (optional)
  • Colored ribbon