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  1. Print patterns and cut out.
  2. Trace patterns onto colored and white paper.
  3. Using a oush pin, press a tiny hole into the center of all three shapes.
  4. Cut a 4 inch length of bendable wire.  Using needlenose pliers, twist a tiny closed, loop at one end. Insert wire into smallest shape, with loop to remain on outside.  Then slide on a button, the middle shape, another button and then the large shape.
  5. Twist wire onto the top of the branch, tight enough so it doesn't slide down.  But leave enough play so individual spinners can move ... and kids can freely spin sections.

Fun to use as a centerpiece with a Patriotic spinner for each guest.


  • Red, white and blue heavyweight paper/ old file folders
  • Straight branches, 10-12 inches long
  • Bendable wire
  • 2 flat buttons