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  1. Fold two paper plates in half, so that the insides of the plates touch.
  2. Hold two folded sides together, forming the top of the frog mouth.
  3. Staple around the entire edge of this semi-circle.
  4. Now, cut a strip from the middle of another paper plate (or use piece of cardboard) that is the same width as the diameter of the plates already staped.
  5. Staple this to the underside of the frog mouth, at the widest part, at side edges only.  This will give you a place to hold your thumb securely, when the frog's mouth is opened and closed.
  6. Cut eyes and tongue from foam and glue in place.  Let dry thoroughly.

To Play Catch, insert your four fingers into the pocket of the frog mouth and put your thumb in the strip you stapled in place.  Open and close the frogs mouth to catch the ball!


  • Paper plates
  • Foam for eyes and tongue
  • Craft glue or choose sticky back foam instead
  • Stapler
  • Small foam ball or ping pong ball