• Halloween Word Search

    Halloween Word Search Printable Worksheet

    Halloween- what a fun night for kids- what to dress up as, and what little goodies or candy will they get at a trunk or treat or trick or treating in the neighborhood?   A night of make believe, of spooky ghosts and goblins, and ghoulish treats and maybe a few tricks.

    Add a little fun to Halloween week with this Halloween Word Search to do at home or in class.

    Words:  Bat, Boo, Candy, Cat, Costume, Ghost, Halloween, Pumpkin, Spooky, Treat, Trick, Witch

    Directions:  Click the image or click here to print the word search pdf.

    Please do a print preview and only select the page need (word search page) as there may be a directions and website url page you do not need to print.

    We hope you enjoy!



  • Kindergarten Mega Bundle Workbook

    Kindergarten-cover1aKindergarten Mega Bundle: Letters, Numbers, Tracing, Cutting Practice Workbook

    A multitude of worksheets encourage Letter recognition and identification to help with early reading readiness. 240 pages for only $15.00 (SALE going on now). This bundle includes 50 new worksheets plus our 5 most popular

    • Kindergarten packets:
    • Alphabet Tracing packet
    • Numbers & Letters packet
    • Tracing Practice packet
    • Tracing & Cutting Practice packet
    • Fall Math & Literacy
    • Emphasis:
    • Alphabet Letter recognition
    • Number recognition
    • Tracing skills
    • Cutting skills
    • Following Direction skills
    • Reading Readiness


  • Teachers You are the Magic Makers

    Teachers- you are amazing.  Day in and day out you take a group of 20 or 30 children and move them forward.  You are expected to teach, educate, excite, test and discipline each of your students.  You are expected to keep the class and each student moving forward with their progress and maintain order and processes in place at all times.

    “Teachers are the magic makers, the dream builders and the spark ignitors”

    Teachers are the Magic Makers


    Thank you for everything you do.  For bringing your love, and passion, and kindness to your classroom each and every day. For encourage little minds and hearts, for teaching math and science, but more importantly, for teaching kids about being good citizens and neighborly to their classmates.  For keeping the peace, and working with kids to embrace each other’s differences in a world that needs that more than ever.


    Check out this post about how amazing teachers are too-  A Thank you to all the teachers




  • Happy Drawing Colors and Shapes Worksheet

    Happy Drawing Writing Prompt- Colors and Shapes- Preschool Worksheet

    To Print- click the image above or click here to print this Happy Drawing Colors and Shapes Worksheet.

    We love writing and drawing prompts that allow kids to think and be creative.  Use this writing prompt to encourage the use of colors, shapes and creative thinking with a positive idea.

    Kids love to draw especially with color.  This writing and draw prompt worksheet is great for preschool or kindergarten to help with following directions- asking them to use colors and shapes to draw something that makes them happy.  After they draw a picture, ask them to write 1-2 sentences describing what they drew.  We also like the Georgia )’Keeffe quote that perfectly  sums up that sometimes art or drawing allows us to express ourselves when we cannot think of how to write it.

    We hope you enjoy this worksheet.  We are putting together an entire workbook called The Happy Classroom to encourage good citizenship, communication, positive words, creativity, and respect while still working on the many academic aspects of class work.

    Let us know if you like to receive an email when our Happy Classroom Workbook is available.






  • Alphabet Tracing Uppercase & Lowercase Workbook

    Alphabet Tracing Uppercase and Lowercase Worksheets


    Fun, original alphabet tracing pages for learning the letters of the alphabet. Both lowercase and uppercase letters are included for letters a to z. A Kindergarten Readiness skill pack to will help with fine motor skills while children learn to form the letters of the alphabet.

    Helps with letter recognition, identification and letter formation.
    Kids can trace the letters, then trace the portion of the letter- related drawing, giving them more tracing practice.These printable activity worksheets can then be colored.

    Workbook Download $5.00

    Total Pages
    PDF (Acrobat) Document File
    Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing.
    This printable workbook is perfect for preschoolers or beginning of the year for kindergarten or extra work.  It can be used for classroom, homeschool or for extra practice.

    Alphabet Tracing Preschool Kindergarten Workbook




  • Seahorse Word Maker Worksheet

    Seahorse Word Worksheet Kids

    This Seashore word maker worksheet is always a fun activity for kids (heck even for some of us adults).  It is so satisfying to make as many words as you can from another word.   How many words can you make from the word Seashore?  Did your class find any that you did not?

    We love to hear how you like these word maker worksheets to use in class or at home.

    This is a perfect worksheet for a Summer lesson, an ocean lesson, animal lesson, or just for word practice.


  • Free Valentine’s Day Fun Printable Workbook

    We are excited to have this Freebie for you through February.   Click the image below to open the printable pdf for your classroom or home use.  It has lots of Valentine’s Fun- worksheets, printable, clip art, printable valentine’s cards and more.

    Valentines Day Preschool Kindergarten Workbook Fun

    Feel free to share this printable workbook with a friend for Valentine’s Day.

    What is your favorite part of Valentine’s Day or your favorite way to tell your kids they are special on Valentine’s Day?

    This fun printable workbook is free- cost $0.00



    free Valentine printable workbook






  • Cursive Writing Practice Worksheet

    Cursive Handwriting Practice Worksheet


    Many parents and teachers still want their kids and students to learn the basics of writing cursive.  It seems a shame that some kids in many school districts across the country haven’t even learned how to write their own signature.  This cursive tracing worksheet will help children learn the basic forms of the alphabet in written hand.  Our kids each learned to write cursive and we think it is something that should not be lost on the youngest generations.

    Items needed:

    Print and trace the cursive alphabet letters.  Both capital letters and lower case letters are included on this printable worksheet.

    Directions: Click image above or click here to print this worksheet.

    Print Preview and select the worksheet page to print (you do not need to print the url page or directions page).