25 Favorite Books for Preschoolers

Here at ZiggityZoom we love books.  We read all types of books but our favorite types are still children’s books because they are filled with colorful illustrations and words that allow us to imagine, dream, grasp or laugh along with the book characters.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or child looking for the perfect book for a young child, we have listed our 30 books that are just right for little minds.  All of these titles are available for Nook Kids which you can use on any tablet, or smart device. Use the Nook Kids app for these devices.
30 Books for Preschool Children - Books that encourage and teach

Here is a list of 30 great books we have created for kids to enjoy with a parent, grandparent or by themselves.

30 Books for Preschool Children-  Back to School, Learn, Create, Practice

Simon and the Red Rocket Ship is a great story about a cat character, named Simon, who loves inventing things.  He takes found objects and creates a Red Rocket Ship.  It’s a wonderful story for any boy or girl who loves art, inventing and finding objects.

Simon Starts School is a great read for kids starting preschool or kindergarten as they will be able to relate to Simon’s first day of school.  A perfect pick for back to school.

Monster in the Kitchen is a fun and lively story about Chomp, the monster, getting ready to make a cake for Fang . . . it’s his birthday! All the other monsters want to help. See what happens when there are “too many monsters in the kitchen.” Includes funny illustrations, a chocolate and peanut butter no-bake cookie recipe and “baking tips.” Fun for kids 3 to 5 and for beginning readers.

Monster Manners is an amusing story that gets kids laughing while learning manners. The little Monsters need to learn some manners. “If a Monster burps … what should he do?” Monster Manners is a fun and silly way to help kids learn their basic manners … for kids 3 to 5. Fun Surprise “sound effects!”

Zebrina the Ballerina is an adorable story for any little girl starting out in dance or another activity that takes lots of practice.  Zebrina loves to dance and twirl, but she isn’t a very good dancer at first. Her rhythm is off … she loses her balance … she spins the wrong way. But Zebrina practices and practices … she really loves to dance. Find out if Zebrina becomes the ballerina she always dreamed of becoming.  A perfect story for any little girl who loves to dance!

Dinosaur Up  Dinosaur Down helps kids learn about opposites.  This fun & funny dinosaur book introduces the concept of Opposites. Follow the silliness of these fun and colorful dinosaurs, for kids 2-5.

TumTum & Friends is a fun story for kids about cute aliens.  Tumtum and his alien friends have just landed on planet Earth. They have no idea what anything is. A comical story with fun sound effects for kids 3 to 5.

Princess Little  is about Princess Rosita, a very tiny Princess who lives in a very small castle. She has tea every day with her friends Princess Daisi and Princess Pansi, but she is lonely. Read this charming story to find out what makes Princess Little really happy.

Good Twoshoes is a fun take-away story about kindness. Follow Goodie TwoShoes through her day as she inspires kids with her motto, “You can never be TOO Nice!” A charming story to help inspire children to be their kindest.

And here are the next group of books.  Books great for toddlers and preschoolers about Spring, Summer, Swimming, Travel and siblings.

30 Books to Delight Your Preschool Child- Spring, Summer, Travel Books

Bunbun at the Beach is an ideal story for kids who are visiting the beach. Bunbun, Benny and Bibi are headed to the beach. With fun and colorful illustrations, this book, about sibling relationships, shows the joys of doing simple activities like going to the beach. A fun book for summer reading. Bunbun books are geared towards children 3-5 but they are also great starter books for beginning readers.

Bunbun at the Fair is a great book about a family adventure at an amusement park and sticking together.  Bunbun is so excited. He is going to the fair with his brother, Benny, and his sister, Bibi. There is so much to see and do. But what happens when Benny and Bibi can’t find Bunbun?  Bunbun books are geared towards children 3-5.

Swim Beakley Swim is an excellent story book for kids who are afraid of the water or need to be inspired by Beakley’s courage.  Beakley and Weber are going to the beach. Beakley is anxious to cool off in the water but he is scared to get in the ocean. In the end, Weber comes up with a simple solution to help Beakley learn to swim. For ages 3-5 and also a good starter book for beginning readers.

Dragons is a fun and colorful book kids love.  It’s a whimsical book about Dragons. This delightfully simple little book is a favorite of kids 3 to 5. The lyrical text is combined with fun and colorful illustrations of dragons.

Bunbun at Bedtime is a great night time book for kids as Bunbun gets ready for bed and goes to sleep.  Bunbun doesn’t want to go to bed. Benny and Bibi are getting ready for bed, but Bunbun wants to keep playing. When Bunbun hears a strange noise, he hurries to get ready for bed and join his brother and sister. A bedtime book that kids and parents can relate to. Bunbun books are geared towards children 3-5 but they are also great starter books for beginning readers.

The Bear with Blue Hair is a delightful book filled with fun, silly poems kids love.  It is filled with whimsical, nonsensical poems featuring some fun and unusual animals like the pink polar bear. Fun, sketch-like color illustrations add to the whimsy of this poetry book. Kids enjoy the rhythm and rhyme of these simple poems, perfect for children starting as young as age 2.

Beakley Takes a Trip starts out when Beakley gets a letter … it says “please come visit soon”. This will be Beakley’s first trip and he’s a wee bit worried, so he takes his stuffed Bunny along for security. His frog friend, Weber, encourages him to embrace the adventure, as they travel on all modes of transportation to reach their destination. This endearing story lets children see the value of trying new things. For ages 3-5 and also an excellent book for beginning readers.

GigglePuss  GigglePuss is a fun and humourous book, featuring a big fat cat who is a very ticklish guy. Follow him and his friend, Mouse, as he tickles GigglePuss and encourages kids to do the same. The giggling never stops! A fun book for kids 3 to 5.

Beakley’s Color & Count Book  This story is about Beakley learning his colors and starting to count. He finds lots to count at the beach . . . can you help him? This charming concept book gives several opportunities for kids to count and also reinforce their colors. Ages 3-5.


25 Books For Young Readers- Holiday, Baby, Christmas, Halloween

Monster Halloween The Monsters are back and this time they are having a ball getting ready for Halloween. Meet the Monsters and join them for their Halloween party. The perfect Halloween story and an easy to read story for beginning readers.

Trick or Treat Bunbun Bunbun can’t decide what costume to wear for Halloween . . . can you help him? A perfect little book, with a favorite character, Bunbun, that toddlers love. A fun “getting ready for Halloween” book in board book fashion.  A fun book for kids 2 to 5.

Bunbun’s Christmas Counting Book is about Bunbun getting ready for his favorite time of the year, Christmas. Little ones can count along with one of their favorite characters, Bunbun, as he prepares all the decorations for Christmas. A fun “getting ready for Christmas” book in board book fashion.

Hat Cats is a charming “easy to read” story about cats who love hats. Written in rhyme and illustrated with fun and whimsical cats, all wearing hats, of course.  For children 2 to 5 and beginning readers. “Some cats like big hats, Some cats like small.”

 Galloping thru the Months  celebrates horses and the seasons of the year.  Illustrated is a festive image for each month of the year, along with a sweet poem to go with each month.

Fun Sandwiches for Kids Do your kids like helping in the kitchen?  Then this is the perfect book for them. Sandwiches don’t have to be boring . . . why not make a Rocketship sandwich for lunch or Puppy Sandwiches as party finger foods? These adorable fun foods will be the hit for any get together or just to make your child smile at lunchtime. Fruits and veggies incorporated into the sandwich designs will help even picky eaters try new foods and eat a bit healthier too. Complete instructions and recipes include full color photos of each theme.  A perfect Party Food book to have on hand for all your party planning.

Curious Baby Animals A first book of Animals for the curious baby or toddler. Simple, colorful illustrations of animals with large text presented in boardbook fashion. Perfect for learning animal names at an early age.

Curious Baby A sweet book with adorable illustrations of baby and lyrical rhyming text. A fun book to help elicit responses from your baby or toddler. An anytime book to read to your little one.

All of the above titles are available on BarnesandNoble.com under Nook Kids books by author and illustrator Sharon Pierce McCullough.