Happy Drawing Colors and Shapes Worksheet

Happy Drawing Writing Prompt- Colors and Shapes- Preschool Worksheet

To Print- click the image above or click here to print this Happy Drawing Colors and Shapes Worksheet.

We love writing and drawing prompts that allow kids to think and be creative.  Use this writing prompt to encourage the use of colors, shapes and creative thinking with a positive idea.

Kids love to draw especially with color.  This writing and draw prompt worksheet is great for preschool or kindergarten to help with following directions- asking them to use colors and shapes to draw something that makes them happy.  After they draw a picture, ask them to write 1-2 sentences describing what they drew.  We also like the Georgia )’Keeffe quote that perfectly  sums up that sometimes art or drawing allows us to express ourselves when we cannot think of how to write it.

We hope you enjoy this worksheet.  We are putting together an entire workbook called The Happy Classroom to encourage good citizenship, communication, positive words, creativity, and respect while still working on the many academic aspects of class work.

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Left Directional Shark Worksheet

Left Directional Preschool Worksheet
Preschool worksheets for pre-k children. Worksheets for Left and Right directional concept. Free printable worksheets for kids. Swimming fish worksheet.

New! Print this directional concept for LEFT for kids to circle all fish swimming in a left direction. Preschool printable worksheet. Also see the RIGHT directional worksheet.

To Print- Click the Image above or click here to print the Left Directional Shark worksheet for Preschool or Kindergarten. 

Then select the page to print (ex page 2 only) you do not need to print the directions or url page.

Kids love the fun shark images for this Left Directional worksheet.


Right Directional Worksheet

Right Directional Kindergarten Worksheet

Click the Image above or click here to print this Right Directional Kindergarten Worksheet

Open the PDF and select to print only the page above as you do not need to print the directions.

This is a fun introductory directional worksheet for preschool or kindergarten kids.  Kids love the fun and bright colored animals in cars.  Check out our other directional worksheets as well.

Left Directional Preschool Worksheet

Click here to print the Left Directional Shark Worksheet



Left and Right Concept Worksheets

Directional Worksheets for Preschool

Getting the concept of Right or Left is sometimes difficult for preschoolers.  Sometimes using only verbal explanations isn’t enough for some young children.  Our printable worksheets for Left and Right help kids to visualize the concepts.

Directional worksheet

For worksheet, print only the second page.  Click here for pdf

Left directional worksheet

For worksheet print only the second page.  Click here for pdf


Tracing Practice Worksheet 2



Tracing worksheet

Tracing Worksheet

Let preschoolers practice their tracing skills with this fun worksheet. They can help the little caterpillars get to their leaves. Preschool Kindergarten readiness.  Great preschool worksheet for home or classroom.

Directions: Click the image above or click here to print pdf

Preview the Worksheet before printing and select only the worksheet page to print (no need to print the directions or website url page)