Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word Search Printable Worksheet

Halloween- what a fun night for kids- what to dress up as, and what little goodies or candy will they get at a trunk or treat or trick or treating in the neighborhood?   A night of make believe, of spooky ghosts and goblins, and ghoulish treats and maybe a few tricks.

Add a little fun to Halloween week with this Halloween Word Search to do at home or in class.

Words:  Bat, Boo, Candy, Cat, Costume, Ghost, Halloween, Pumpkin, Spooky, Treat, Trick, Witch

Directions:  Click the image or click here to print the word search pdf.

Please do a print preview and only select the page need (word search page) as there may be a directions and website url page you do not need to print.

We hope you enjoy!



Trace Color and Cut Paper Mask Activity

Free printable masks

Printable Mask Project

Kids love to make and wear masks and this is a great activity for them to customize their own mask.  Use these fun masks for any Superhero project or any costume.  Each mask can be made to match any theme for Halloween or just for play.

Suitable for most any age, this project encourages fine motor control through use of crayons and scissors.  Masks can be colored with crayons, colored pencils or markers.  Encourage the kids to use their imaginations to add fun design details.

Let younger children trace the dotted lines of their mask first and then color as they wish.

Just print the mask page on heavy paper, then supply crayons and markers, scissors and have elastic on hand to fit each child.

Printable Masks


Thanksgiving Word Worksheet

Free Educational Printable

Do you remember being a kid and trying to find all the other words one word could make? I do, it I always loved the fun seasonal worksheets we would do at school or home. It was exciting to try and see if I could find all the words my friends found.


Here is a Free printable worksheets for homeschool or classroom use during the fall months.

Printable word worksheet. See how many words the kids can make from using the word Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving worksheet


Back to School Word Search

back to school word search activity


It is that time of year again- teachers are back getting their classrooms ready and kids are heading back to school now or in the next few weeks.  It is both an exciting and busy time for kids, teachers and families.

This is a perfect worksheet to give kids a fun worksheet to break the ice or give them a break from all the paperwork, new rules and classwork.

What special things do you do in your classroom the first week of school to make your kids feel more at home and at ease?  We love hearing about teachers great ideas.

This word activity printable worksheet is great for early elementary kids and if you like this one we have one for most holidays throughout the year just search word search in our search box to find them.

This word search includes these words:

  • Homework
  • Desk
  • Friends
  • Art
  • Books
  • Classroom
  • Math
  • Recess
  • School
  • School Bus
  • Science
  • September
  • Teacher
  • Pencil


My Week Ahead Printable Chart

Printable Week Ahead chart for Kids

Printable Weekly Chart for Kids

This is a great chart to print for your preschool and kindergarten kids so they will know what is on “their” agenda for the week. They can add things to look forward to and how many days it will be to an event.  Print several and change weekly.

Click here to print pdf kids week ahead chart

Print preview the pdf and select the worksheet page so you do not print unneeded direction or url pages.

Bunny Rabbit Tracing Worksheet

Rabbit Tracing worksheet

Bunny Tracing Printable Worksheet

Preschool tracing worksheet for Easter or just for tracing practice. Fun worksheet for classroom or home use.

Print this Easter activity sheet for preschoolers to trace the Easter Bunny. Then let them color their bunny for Easter or really any time of the year.

Click here to print pdf Bunny Tracing worksheet

Print preview the pdf and select the worksheet page so you do not print unneeded direction or url pages.




St. Patrick Irish Word Search

Irish wordsearch activity for kids

St. Patrick’s Day Word Search

Print this Luck o’ the Irish word search for a fun St. Patrick’s day activity.  Kids will love this St. Patrick’s Day word search as they hunt for the words going every which way in this word search that is perfect for school or home use.

Click here to print pdf Irish word search printable

Print preview the pdf and select the worksheet page so you do not print unneeded direction or url pages.