Clothespin Cardboard Animal Zoo

cardboard animal project

Cardboard Animal Project

Teachers, home school teachers and parents, this is a fun and simple craft project from recycled cardboard that kids love.  You know we like simple to make projects for the kids and this fits the bill.  Kids can actually draw their own stylized or fantasy animal body and then add the clothespin legs.  These fun animals can be made in herds of one animal or a whole zoo of different animals.  Paint them in an array of colors with dots and stripes for extra fun.

Materials List:

  • Thin cardboard (recycled food boxes work well)
  • clothespins
  • scissors
  • paint/ brush


  1.  Find boxes to recycle, such as discarded cracker boxes or cereal boxes.  Break down boxes so that you have flat surfaces to work with.
  2. Draw an animal body shape with head and cut out.
  3. Use two clothespins for legs and attach securely.
  4. If painting, you can choose to just paint the cardboard or paint cardboard body and legs.
  5. Be creative and make animals fun colors or paint realistic colors.  Encourage creativity.