Fun Felt Project for Kids

felt art project

Felt Art  Project

Kids love to be creative and this is a fun and easy project for kids at school or home.  One of our most important goals here at Ziggity Zoom is to let kids be their own creative director.  By this we mean, there are no “musts” when creating art.  Art comes from the artist’s own vision.  So if one makes a blue rooster or a pink elephant, that is fantastic in our eyes!  Many a teacher has dampened the soul and spirit of a young artist by critiquing a piece of art or a little poem.  Cows don’t have to be brown and the sky doesn’t have to be blue.  Encourage your little artists and it will inspire them in many things they do.

Felt is one of those fun and flexible materials that can be used for so many projects.  For this art project, we used only colored felt squares that are available at any craft store.  Buy lots and lots of bright colors for fun results.


  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • White glue

felt craft project


  1. Start with one felt square to use as the background.
  2. Cut shapes from other colorful pieces for felt for a fun painting on felt.
  3. Make fun animals, buildings or just an abstract design.
  4. Glue chosen pieces of felt onto the background with white glue.  Set aside to dry completely.
  5. Most importantly … have fun!