Halloween Trick or Treat Figures

Halloween craft project

Halloween Craft Project

This is a really fun and colorful Halloween project that the kids will have fun making.  It’s another of our recycled craft projects, which lets us all do our part for the environment while having a bit of fun.  It’s a simple project and the Halloween figures can be any theme a child wants, a ghost, a frog, a princess, a pirate and more.

Materials List:

  • Recyled paper towel rolls
  • Paper towels
  • Duct tape
  • Sticky back foam or felt
  • Paint/ brushes
  • Scissors


  1.  Cut paper towel rolls about 4 inches or 5 inches tall.  Squeeze one of the end openings to form the neck.
  2.  Cut, or tear, a piece of paper towel about 3″ x 3″ or slightly larger.  Set aside, then tear off a smaller piece of paper towel and roll into a ball. Place the ball inside of the square, cover to form head and squeeze ends together to form a neck.
  3. Insert head/neck into the neck of the paper towel roll.  Tape around entire neck area.
  4. Paint head and body and let dry.
  5. Make ears and accessories with foam or felt, then attach.
  6. Paint eyes and let dry.

Monster Box Recycled Craft Project

Halloween Craft Project

Recycled Craft Activity

This is a fun craft project that kids can do at home or in school and it’s perfect for a home school art activity.  Although it works well for any time of the year, it is a great Halloween craft project.

Other than paint, all the other needed materials used in the project are recycled.

Materials Needed:

  • Recycled boxes, such as cracker box, tissue box, etc.
  • Recycled egg cartons
  • Card stock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint/brush
  • Glue


  1. Choose a box, then cut out a large opening for a big mouth.
  2. Paint box desired color and let dry thoroughly.
  3. Using a pencil, lightly draw the approximate size and shape of mouth opening onto the card stock.  Now draw jagged teeth and a line that is about 1/2″ wider than the mouth opening, so this can be glued to the box.
  4. Cut through the center of your mouth opening so that you have an upper and lower set of teeth showing.  Erase the first line of mouth opening so that you don’t accidentally cut on this line.  Now cut out the two parts, for upper and lower sets of teeth.
  5. Glue teeth onto the inside of the box at the mouth opening.
  6. For the eyes, cut apart an egg carton, leaving two sections together for eyes.
  7. Paint eyes any desired color and let dry.
  8. Glue eyes in place, letting dry thoroughly.

Early Reader Book Bundle for Beginning Readers

early reader books bundleThis Early Reader bundle was designed to encourage beginning readers through the use of recurrent sight words and word families. Featured are 12 seasonal Sight Word stories, corresponding worksheets and flashcards to assist with sight word recognition and reading comprehension. Our popular Sight Words SuperHero packet is included in this bundle, rounding out the guided reading resources in this bundle.

Also in this book bundle are 23 printable Early Readers that can be printed and made into picture books for each child in your class. These 23 Readers are also provided in an additional readable pdf format to enable sharing the files with parents/children to read on electronic devices. (Computer, iPad, Nook, Kindle, Android) These books, alone, are currently offered on Amazon and Barnes & Noble – purchased separately these ebooks alone would cost $70. This is the first time we have offered any type of book bundle such as this. (see Titles below)  On Sale for the entire bundle and books for only $15.00!

Reading comprehension
Sight Words recognition


  • 23 printable Early Reader picture books
  • 23 Easy Reader pdf ebook files
  • 3 Reading comprehension worksheets
  • CVC WORD Maker project (simple CVC word spinner for Word formation)
  • 48 beginning Sight Words flashcards
  • 8 Word Family worksheets / CVC words
  • (an, at, ed, en, et, ig, ot, un)
  • Word Family sentence strips /CVC
  • 48 pg Sight Words SuperHero packet
  • (23 Trace/ Cut/ Paste/Color Word Worksheets)
  • Printable “I’d Rather Be Reading” poster

12 seasonal Sight Words stories
12 Sight Words worksheets

I See Snow

it, is, my, on, like, I, let, the, in, you, can, big, fun, he, has, little, look, red, play
The Love Bug
here, the, in, for, to, little, look, see, big, a, come
Here is My Cat
my, is, he, like, and, to, have, all, day, so, no, where, did, go, do, you, know, oh
Is That an Egg?
look, I, no, is, see, it, too, does, yes, but, not, a, will, do, you, let, know, was, an, oh, one, that
We Can Make a Garden
we, a, have, can, the, make, you, in, put, little, for, and, them, see, do, it, our, are, made
Let’s Play Ball
it, see, you, big, a, is, do, the, blue, here, come, can, get, let, I, play, up, goes, run, to, got, like
A Man and His Pig
his, I, saw, in, was, the, a, had, blue, big, little, they, out, got, go, then, to, when, that, of, they, did, not
Our Dog is Funny
is, like, to, we, our, have, a, run, he, play, fun, have, you, be, so, jump, can, big, and
Time for School
will, be, see, go, I, here, come, for, on, look, bus, time, the, my, here, is, name, are, new, in, get, to, a, know, like, when, up
My Pumpkin is Big
big, my, like, one, to, I, get, want, are, too, this, and, will, be, at, now, make, two, a, is, it, look
I Saw a Turkey
but, so, he, and, my, get, I, saw, big, said, had, a, red, what, do, you, why, with, day, was, in, it, so, went
Look at the Tree
we, at, get, the, like, a, put, on, is, then, now, make, our, of, I, to, big, and, look, it, went, are

  • Titles of Early Reader books in this bundle:
  • Simon Starts School
  • Simon and the Red Rocketship
  • TumTum & Friends Amusement Adventure
  • Goodie TwoShoes
  • Beakley Takes a Trip
  • Swim Beakley Swim
  • Beakley’s Color & Counting Book
  • Dinosaur Up Dinosaur Down
  • Dragons
  • GigglePuss
  • Princess Little
  • Monster Manners
  • Monster in the Kitchen
  • Monster Halloween
  • Zebrina the Ballerina
  • Trick or Treat Bunbun
  • Bunbun the Middle One
  • Bunbun at Bedtime
  • Bunbun at the Fair
  • Bunbun at the Beach
  • Hat Cats
  • I Want a Puppy
  • Bunbun’s Christmas Counting Book

This mega book bundle is perfect for all your beginning readers … offering both guided reading and shared reading. The perfect bundle to encourage both reading and spelling. For free educational fun & games, be sure to visit our site ZiggityZoom.com.

*PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing this packet, you are buying ONE license to use this packet in ONE classroom. Additional licenses can be purchased at checkout.*

Total Pages

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Kindergarten Mega Bundle Workbook

Kindergarten-cover1aKindergarten Mega Bundle: Letters, Numbers, Tracing, Cutting Practice Workbook

A multitude of worksheets encourage Letter recognition and identification to help with early reading readiness. 240 pages for only $15.00 (SALE going on now). This bundle includes 50 new worksheets plus our 5 most popular

  • Kindergarten packets:
  • Alphabet Tracing packet
  • Numbers & Letters packet
  • Tracing Practice packet
  • Tracing & Cutting Practice packet
  • Fall Math & Literacy
  • Emphasis:
  • Alphabet Letter recognition
  • Number recognition
  • Tracing skills
  • Cutting skills
  • Following Direction skills
  • Reading Readiness


Trace Color and Cut Paper Mask Activity

Free printable masks

Printable Mask Project

Kids love to make and wear masks and this is a great activity for them to customize their own mask.  Use these fun masks for any Superhero project or any costume.  Each mask can be made to match any theme for Halloween or just for play.

Suitable for most any age, this project encourages fine motor control through use of crayons and scissors.  Masks can be colored with crayons, colored pencils or markers.  Encourage the kids to use their imaginations to add fun design details.

Let younger children trace the dotted lines of their mask first and then color as they wish.

Just print the mask page on heavy paper, then supply crayons and markers, scissors and have elastic on hand to fit each child.

Printable Masks


Thanksgiving Word Worksheet

Free Educational Printable

Do you remember being a kid and trying to find all the other words one word could make? I do, it I always loved the fun seasonal worksheets we would do at school or home. It was exciting to try and see if I could find all the words my friends found.


Here is a Free printable worksheets for homeschool or classroom use during the fall months.

Printable word worksheet. See how many words the kids can make from using the word Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving worksheet