So often our kids or teens can navigate their electronic devices so much better than we an as parents.  The struggle is real my friends.  So how do we keep our kids safe on their phones and computers if we don’t know how to check their settings, guide them with the knowledge to keep them protected online from bullies, predators, embarassment or digital addiction- but it feels a bit overwhelming on what we need to know and how to talk to our kids about all of these topics.

I know because I am a mom of three boys and the struggle to understand the apps my boys are using and how to talk to them about being smart online, boundaries, and what is appropriate can be tough.  That’s why I created a course for parents who need someone to guide them through the maze of digital devices and social media apps and monitoring and conversations to have with your kids or teens.  You see I have worked in Online Tech for over 20 years so I eat, sleep and breathe digital information and teach people how to use these tools to empower them.

And I know parents are busy and need an easy to follow, clear and simple way to learn how to keep their kids safe on their devices.

So here’s what I am going to teach you in the Protect Your Kids Online Parents Education Course (Protect Your Kids Course)

  • Parent Education
    • Setting up Parental Controls on Iphone or Android (setting hours, usage rules)
    • What You Need to Know about Location Services, Limiting recognizable Identifiers in Photos
    • Digital Device Expectations & Creating a Device Contract- hours, following your child’s account, monitoring, spot checking
  • Computer Safety
    • Setting Up OpenDNS (blocks certain types websites and content (ex. gambling, sexual, guns, etc)
  • Social Media Apps
    • Using Snapchat
    • Using TikTok
    • Using Facebook
    • Using Instagram
  • Recommendations
    • Monitoring Apps I recommend
    • Guidance on Social Media by Age
    • Apps to Avoid/Not Allow

The Course will consist of:

  • Short recorded videos for each section with step by step guidance that you can what over ane over again
  • 2 Live Q&As to ask your tech questions or see me step through a tutorial live (on zoom)
  • A Facebook group where content will be posted and you can interact with Kristin and the Group of Parents
  • Documents & Handouts (a sample Digial Device Contract, etc)

Details & Pricing:

  • The Course videos will be available on Dec 20th for you to begin watching
  • Live Q&A’s – one will be the week after Christmas and another the first week in January

The Course is currently $150 but is on Sale for $99 until Dec 1st.  In January the course price will increase.

For Limited Time- Cost:  $99.00

Perfect for Yourself or to buy for a family member or friend.  Let’s learn how to keep our kids protected from digital addiction, bullying, predators, and sharing personal information online.  Don’t wait to learn how to keep your kids, pre-teens or teens safe today.

About Your Instructor:  Kristin Fitch

Kristin is a 22 year Marketing Technology veteran who has worked with individuals and businesses to teach them how to use technology and online tools to better their lives and improve their work productivity and processes.  She is an entrepreneur, technologist, podcast host and Online Business Mentor.  She is also the Co-Founder of that she launched with her mom in 2008 and has reached over 11 million families and teachers over the years.  She is also a mom to three teen boys and tech runs in her blood but most importantly making complex or new information easier to understand is her super power and that is why she is bring this course to parents around the country so that they can guide their families social media and digital usage in a safe, and loving way.


Here is a video of Kristin teaching business owners how to use Facebook Groups (a video on teaching parents will be posted soon).

Want to see Kristin’s teaching style- check out this sample video.

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