We want to provide ideas to encourage you to bring more fun, meaning, love, and creativity into your home every day that helps bring your family together and make your home an even more special place.

We believe family comes first.  We believe in making time for play and that play isn’t just for kids.

We believe learning can be fun and goes far beyond the classroom.  The most important lessons usually happen at home or out in the world.  And we think homework is overrated.  We want kids to get outside and experience nature or play games like hop scotch.

We believe games are special, bring us together and teach us important things.  We believe parents have an opportunity to teach, and to make every day special with little touches and small gestures that make big impressions.   We believe in sparking imaginations, and that you are never too young or old to follow your dreams or imagine a new one. We have maker spirits and want to create something daily.

We believe family should be fun, and love, sharing and connections, togetherness and adventures, magical times and happiness,  silliness and creative ideas, playful things and heartfilled service, enjoyable and full of life lessons.  We believe faith belongs in our homes and hearts.

We believe parenting is the greatest adventure of your life.

We think the world would be a better place if we all make more forts, have more picnics, use purple crayons,  find new adventures and take life just a little less serious.

We want to help you create a more playful house filled with love, kindness, hope and creativity.

kristin fitch blogger writer ziggityzoom About Kristin  “I am a mom to three boys who loves paddle boarding, the beach, traveling, adventures, cooking and tech.   I love taking photos and finding new recipes to make. My goal is to inspire you to love your life even the crazy moments.”                  Kristin Pierce Fitch


sharon pierce mccullough artist writer bloggerAbout Sharon  “I am an artist, designer, children’s book author and illustrator. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not creating something.  I especially love inspiring children in their creative pursuits.”      Sharon Pierce McCullough 



Life should be savored and food enjoyed with the ones we love.  We need to slow down and take in the smells whether its the freshly washed head of our little one or the smell of flowers after it rains.

We believe it does take a family and a community to raise up children and care for those around us.  We believe together we can inspire our children.  We want to inspire the youngest generation who still think their parents are super heroes and protectors of their world.  We want to keep giving them examples of amazing heroes in life who make miracles and real magic happen-  the artists, dancer, dreamers, writers, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, givers.

We want our kids to know that within them they have super powers that can change the world if they are just given direction, hope, faith and inspired, encouraged, and allowed to dream and imagine a different world.

We imagine a little nicer world, more colorful and full of forts and sand castles, more invitations to share a meal, more gestures of love and kindness.


I love being a mom and I’m incredibly thankful to be able to do special things for my family every day. (kristin)

And I believe the home is a a special place to allow children to create wonder and blossom.  It should be a loving, happy place for everyone in it. (Sharon)