Building a Better World
Starts at Home

We believe in slowing down and playing games, and bringing back good old fashioned fun and values. We believe Building a Better World starts at home with the experiences, lessons, love, adventures and creativity we share there.

Let’s take back our family time, let’s raise kids doing the things we used to do, let’s say no to over scheduled, stuck indoors, extra homework, video game lives- let’s begin to live again.


We believe family comes first. We believe in making time for play and that play isn’t just for kids. We believe learning can be fun and goes far beyond the classroom. The most important lessons usually happen at home or out in the world. And we think homework is overrated. We want kids to get outside and experience nature or play games like hop scotch.

Let's Take Back our Family Time
Adventuring is Calling
Make Time for Play
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We think the world would be a better place if we all make more forts, have more picnics, use purple crayons, find new adventures and take life just a little less serious. We believe parenting is the greatest adventure of your life.

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We believe family should be fun, and love, sharing and connections, togetherness and adventures, magical times and happiness, silliness and creative ideas, playful things and heartfilled service, enjoyable and full of life lessons. We believe faith belongs in our homes and hearts.



Making Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplane Instructions Paper airplanes have been around since forever.  It’s one of those things that everyone should learn to do during their childhood.  I remember my dad making paper aiplanes for us when I was a kid.  And I still love making paper airplanes with my grandkids.  All you need is a sheet of […] Read more…

Colorful Animal Book Labels

Back to School is here !   It is both an exciting time for kids as they enter a new year of schooling and it’s a busy time for kids and families.   We love fun and colorful things and of course if it’s for school we think personalizing it is important for items that are not […] Read more…

Design a Fun Art – Homework Space

With just a little paint, planning and even minimal art supplies, you can make a great space for your kids to create art, work on crafts and to do their homework.  And it could even double as your crafting space.  You can make it as simple or complex as you want. We started off with […] Read more…

Fun & Games Sticks

Before school starts back, or as it goes back, why not create these fun washi tape sitcks with ideas on the back to play, create and do once life is busier- it’ll give the kids something to do and keep it simple and stick to ideas you know you can let them do in the […] Read more…

Rotating Art Station

School is starting back and with it lots of papers and art will begin coming home.  We don’t love all the papers, but we do love the art.   I keep most of the art my kids create under a bed in a big portfolio binder but I want to get more of it on the […] Read more…

Encouraging Art – DIY Easel

DIY Art Easel We have homes filled with markers, colored pencils, colorful clay, scraps of patterned paper and much more.  Sharon is an artist and I am the daughter of an artist with my own blooming artist, my youngest son, Carson.   While you may not have lots of art supplies,  a few basics will do.   […] Read more…

Fun Lunch Notes

Printable Lunch Notes for Kids What better way to say I love you than with a fun mad-lib style note in your child’s lunchbox.  Here are 7 different fill in the blank note series and a blank one for you or your kids to fill out.  It’s become a fun back and further game between […] Read more…

Bold & Colorful Art Supplies

Why not start off the school year with some fun and colorful art and school supplies?   We love colorful and fun patterns so these colored pencils are right up our alley. And it seems every year everything from colored pencils to notebooks get more creative and expressive. And we love this trend.  Next time you […] Read more…

DIY Cool Kicks for School

What better way to start the first day of school than wearing a fun pair of shoes you have designed by yourself.  This is truly a project for any age and boys can design some fun and funky shoes too. These really colorful, canvas sneakers were designed by girls ages 8 to 14.  They turned […] Read more…

Make-Ahead Immune Boosting Lemonade

[wc_center max_width=”500px” text_align=”left”] Kids love lemonade so why not make some fresh lemonade and add a few immune fighting extras since the kids are going back to school and back to a building filled with germs.  Because this recipe uses honey and ginger, the lemonade will look more golden than light yellow and the taste […] Read more…

A Heartfelt Meal

As our kids head back to school and mornings get busy, we know for some of us breakfast will be cereal or fruit, but why not make breakfast special on occasion or on the weekend by taking a few extra minutes to turn an ordinary breakfast into one your kids will get excited about.  Or […] Read more…

DIY Black & White Note Cards

  I have to admit that I have always been a doodler.  There must be thousands of doodles I have done over the years while sitting at my desk, talking on the phone or just thinking.  I’m sure you’ve caught your kids doodling many a time … it’s just a fun thing to do. We […] Read more…

Adventure Awaits: Family Outings

Put away the electronics and get outside

Apr 29, 2018 by Letizia Biafore

National Donut Day in 2018

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Oct 18, 2018

No sew Halloween costumes you can make for under $10

Make these DIY Ornaments and lots more

Who says you shouldn't play with your food?


Put away your tablets, and binge-worthy tv shows, turn off your smart phones, lace up your walking shoes and let’s set out on an adventure that will change your life and the direction of your child’s future.

Kristin Fitch
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