We believe in slowing down and playing games, and bringing back good old fashioned fun and values. We believe Building a Better World starts at home with the experiences, lessons, love, adventures and creativity we share there.

Let’s take back our family time, let’s raise kids doing the things we used to do, let’s say no to over scheduled, stuck indoors, extra homework, video game lives- let’s begin to live again.

Building a Better World Starts at Home

We believe family comes first. We believe in making time for play and that play isn’t just for kids. We believe learning can be fun and goes far beyond the classroom. The most important lessons usually happen at home or out in the world. And we think homework is overrated. We want kids to get outside and experience nature or play games like hop scotch.

Let's Take Back our Family Time
Adventuring is Calling
Make Time for Play
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We think the world would be a better place if we all make more forts, have more picnics, use purple crayons, find new adventures and take life just a little less serious. We believe parenting is the greatest adventure of your life.

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We believe family should be fun, and love, sharing and connections, togetherness and adventures, magical times and happiness, silliness and creative ideas, playful things and heartfilled service, enjoyable and full of life lessons. We believe faith belongs in our homes and hearts.



DIY Valentine Animals

How adorable are these little Valentine animals?  This is one of my favorite projects and I love that the little guys are made from recycled paper towel tubes.  This is a super simple project and actually you can make any type of animal by following the same basic instructions. Make these darling little paper tube […] Read more…

Printable Valentine’s Cards for Kids

Printable Valentine Cards Valentine’s Day is such a special day of the year.  It’s as much fun for kids as it is for many adults.  I still recall picking out valentine cards for my friends, when I was little, and deciding who to give them to, signing them and putting them into the envelopes. You […] Read more…

Printable Valentine Cupcake Wrappers

Printable Valentine Cupcake Wrappers Who doesn’t love cupcakes?  Both big and little kids … including adults in the big kid category, love cupcakes.  Cupcakes will always have a special place in our hearts.  They are a perfect party food and for any special occasion.  And truly, they can be made to look really festive with […] Read more…

Calzone Hearts Recipe

Wondering what to make for dinner on Valentines Day?  Look no further.  We have the most romantic recipe for you.  Calzone is a favorite around our house anyway but these little calzone hearts are off the chart yummy and adorable!   Kids will have fun helping to make these cute calzone hearts for dinner.  Filled […] Read more…

10 Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Home

Valentine’s Day is coming and we have put together a handful of ideas to say I love you or I care to your kids, a loved one or friend.  What we like about Valentine’s Day is it’s really just a day to remind us we should regularly say how much someone means to us, and […] Read more…

Valentine’s Bite Size Cake Recipe

These little Red Velvet cake bites will delight any chocolate lover and they’re a perfect size for a kid’s dessert. Use our yummy recipe or a standard box cake mix. Kids can help: Mix ingredients and add the sprinkles. Items needed: Ingredients 3 Tbsp butter ¾ cup sugar ¼ cup applesauce 1 egg 1 tsp […] Read more…

Grilled Cheese Hearts and Tomato Soup Recipe

Homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese is the perfect lunch combo.  A kid favorite, our tomato soup variation features extra-healthy ingredients.  A great lunch for Valentine’s Day. Kids can help:  Make the grilled cheese hearts. Tomato Soup Saute: 4 finely dice garlic cloves 1 cup finely diced Vadalia onion 2 Tbsp olive oil 1 tsp […] Read more…


Put away your tablets, and binge-worthy tv shows, turn off your smart phones, lace up your walking shoes and let’s set out on an adventure that will change your life and the direction of your child’s future.

Kristin Fitch
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