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Printable Christmas Cupcake Wrappers- Red and Green

Christmas Cupcake Wrappers – Free Printables

Print this fun Christmas or Holiday theme cupcake wrapper to showcase your finest cupcakes. Kids can help wrap and tape these right around your cupcakes. Items needed: Heavyweight printer paper Scissors Tape Instructions: Print designs on heavyweight paper. Cut out and then wrap around your cupcake, leaving the original baking paper on your cupcake. Tape […] Read more…

Printable silly stories

Fun Lunch Notes

Printable Lunch Notes for Kids What better way to say I love you than with a fun mad-lib style note in your child’s lunchbox.  Here are 7 different fill in the blank note series and a blank one for you or your kids to fill out.  It’s become a fun back and further game between […] Read more…