Gigantic Bubble Recipe & Directions


We love easy, inexpensive activities that the kids can do with few ingredients required.  Even big kids will enjoy this activity and it's perfect for a party game.  Blowers can be made from straws and string and a big bunch of bubble mixture made and poured into something like a flat storage container.  The best bubbles form on a humid day that is not windy.

Items needed: 

  • Plastic Straws
  • Cotton String
  • Liquid Dishwashing Soap
  • Liquid Glycerin  (found at Walmart with first aid creams or hand creams/ or crafts stores with cake decorating supplies)
  • Water
  • Pan or container (such as a 9x13 inch Cake pan)


Mix together:
1/2 cup Dishwashing Soap
1/2 cup Glycerin
4 1/2 cups Water
  1. Mix bubble solution and set aside. The longer the solution sets, the better the bubbles.
  2. For each bubble blower, cut two straws to a 6 inch length. Cut a 36 in. piece of string and thread through both straw pieces. Tie end and then slide end into the middle of one of the straws. You can adjust the blower size by making the length of string shorter or longer before tying ends.
  3. Pour Bubble solution into a low, wide container and then, holding the blower by both straw sections, dip the blower into the solution, keeping string taut. String needs to be completely soaked before the giant bubbles form.
  4. Remove blower from solution carefully and then, holding the blower sideways, move the blower to the right or left, pulling through the air.
  5. Leftover solution can be kept in a jar and used for another day.

Hints: Blow bubbles on days that are not windy and for the biggest, best bubbles, blow on a slightly humid day.