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Situpon Craft Project

If you were a girl scout or brownie you probably know what a situpon is.  Many girls scout troops made these simple, waterproof pads as craft projects before any camping expedition.  They are easy to make “cushions” for sitting on the ground.  If you go camping or have family activities outside, the kids will enjoy helping to make their own situpon.

While two of my granddaughters visited a few weeks ago, this was one of our craft projects.  Since we had already made the Teepee for the backyard, we decided we needed some situpons to use in the teepee.

DIY kids craft project

Only a few materials are needed.  We chose solid colored “oilcloth” which, today, is actually the term given to vinyl coated, cloth-backed , material. In years gone by there was actually a type of canvas that was treated with “oil” to waterproff the fabric.  You can find lots of fun oilcloth patterns at your fabric store or online.

For each situpon you will need:

  • Two 18″ circles of oilcloth
  • Leather lacing or cording
  • Old newspapers
  • Hole punch
  • Black marker
  • Paper clips
  • Scissors
  1. Cut two circles of oilcloth that are approximately 18 inches in diameter.  I used a trash can lid to make a circle first.
  2. Using the marker, make marks, about half inch from the edge, all the way around the perimeter of the circle (first circle only).  Marks (dots) should be about 3/4 inches apart.
  3. Punch holes, using hole punch, at each mark.
  4. Set first circle on top of second circle, back to back, and then mark each hole with a marker, so holes will line up.  Punch remaining holes for the second circle.
  5. Add circles of newspaper, many layers, between the top and bottom circles for situpon.  Do not let any pieces of newspaper go beyond the holes you have punched.  In other words, the paper circles will be less in diameter than the actual situpon.  Add enough paper for a soft situpon, but don’t make it too heavy with paper.  This is a personal decision.
  6. Paper clip, at 4 or 5 inch intervals, top and bottom of situpon.
  7. Using lacing, lace with a whip type stitch, down, around and under again.  See illustration.
  8. Leave a tail at beginning to tie off the ends.


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