Water balloons are perfect for creating some summer fun.  Kristin and I love coming up with fun ideas for family parties and just general fun for the kids.  This Summer keep kids busy without breaking the bank.  Summertime is a time to be outdoors and we love coming up with creative play for families and kids.  Some of our favorite summer family activities involve water!  No surprise there. It’s inexpensive fun and you can create these play scenarios in your own backyard.

Perfect for family picnics, kid parties or everyday summer fun, these water theme activities will get everyone involved.  Here are our three favorite water activities that all make use of water balloons.  Click the activity titles for full instructions.

Water Balloon Pinata

water balloon games

This is a fun activity that Kristin and I came up with a few years ago and it is now all over the internet.  We must say that we love creating fun for families and we always have our creative hats on.  It’s pretty easy to make one of these water-filled balloon pinatas and they are great for parties … for big kids and little kids.  It’s a refreshing game on a hot day and it is not as easy to break those balloons as you might think!

Water Balloon Jousting Game

water balloon jousting game

This is a little trickier to make but tons of fun.  Kids and adults alike get really competitive seeing who can break the most balloons.  When the kids are bored, this is the time to pull out the water balloons!

Water Balloon Toss

water balloon toss game

This is a water balloon activity that kids can play all summer long.  And from experience, the kids will be begging for water balloon play once you’ve introduced these little gems.  All you really need are a few buckets to hold the balloons once they have been filled.  Give each child their own bucket of balloons and let the fun begin!

We have found it easier if you use a small attachment for your hose, that can be turned off and on. It makes filling the balloons easy and quick.  so, let the fun begin!

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