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Ice Cream sundae boats

Ice Cream Sundae Boats

Want to get the kids in the kitchen?  Why not let them help make these fun Ice Cream Sundae Boats?  This idea was inspired by cinnamon and sugar crisps and fried ice cream my kids love at our local Mexican restaurant. This quick idea only takes 5-10 minutes to make and then its ice cream […] Read more…

Ice Cream Cake Direction Under $5

Make an Ice Cream Cake for Under $5

    I love ice cream cakes.   Actually, my whole family likes ice cream cakes.  But lets be honest, buying an ice cream cake can run $25-40 for a regular-sized cake.  They are not cheap.  I decided I will make them from now on and I have even made two ice cream cakes within the […] Read more…

Ice Cream recipe

5 Minute Ice Cream Recipe

Ice Cream in a Bag Recipe I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  How true is this. There is absolutely no one in our extended family who does not love ice cream, Whether it’s in a bowl, in a cone or on a spoon, we will always say”yes, please” to ice cream.  […] Read more…