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water balloon pinata- the original creators

Water Balloon Pinata

This Water Balloon pinata is a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day. The kids love this and it gets them up and moving. Just be sure to only use a plastic bat for swinging at the pinata. Part of our Summer Fun guide of family activities. Items needed: Package of Balloons […] Read more…

water balloon party game

Water Balloon Jousting Game

During the warm summer months, the most popular outdoor activities all seem to revolve around water.  Bring water into the mix and the kids are all ready to join in the fun. We designed a fun new water balloon game that the kids had a ball testing out this week.  We’re sure your kids will […] Read more…

giant bubbles

Blowing Giant Bubbles for a Fun Family Activity

Today was a perfect bubble blowing day.  We had been looking forward to our family outing with lots of cousins.  There isn’t anything better than some fun with our homemade bubble solution.  Not only did the kids have a ball, but the parents did as well. Read more…

diy water swing

Make a Water Swing for Summer Fun

Summertime is time for water fun.  Our kids love any activity that involves water, whether it is just playing with a bucket of water or spraying the hose.  But here at ZiggityZoom, we love creating fun ideas for you and your family… especially inexpensive fun ideas that don’t cost much to make.  Our original pool […] Read more…

water balloon games

Our Favorite Water Balloon Activities

Water balloons are perfect for creating some summer fun.  Kristin and I love coming up with fun ideas for family parties and just general fun for the kids.  This Summer keep kids busy without breaking the bank.  Summertime is a time to be outdoors and we love coming up with creative play for families and […] Read more…

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