water balloon pinata- the original creators

This Water Balloon pinata is a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day. The kids love this and it gets them up and moving. Just be sure to only use a plastic bat for swinging at the pinata. Part of our Summer Fun guide of family activities.

Items needed:

  • Package of Balloons
  • Cotton String
  • Small plastic Funnel
  • Outside Hose
  • Plastic Bat or Cardboard mailing Tube


  • Prior to filling balloons, select a spot where you can tie the ballons overhead so that the kids will have to reach up with the bat, but not too high.  We utilized a patio structure, but a tree  limb or another structure would work well.
  • Attach a balloon to the skinny end of the funnel and then slowly fill the balloon with water. Tie end. Note that the fuller the balloon is filled, the quicker it will burst.
  • Fill about 7 (seven)  balloons, setting each aside on a soft surface, such as patio furniture or an old blanket, to prevent puncturing the balloons ahead of time.
  • Cut a piece of string about 40 inches long.  Tie each balloon securely to the string, keeping each balloon about 2 inches apart. Do not tie balloons to the last 12 inches at either end of the string.
  • Tie ends of string to tree limb or selected structure.  Tie securely, as balloon string is going to be heavy.

Children should line up and take turns, swinging the bat one swing per turn.  Make sure all children remain back a safe distance from the batter and definitely make sure that the bat is made of plastic.  If you don’t have a bat, you can fashion one from a length of cardboard, rolling it up and taping with duct tape.

This is a fun game and lots of fun when the Balloons burst open spaying the water.


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