pool noodle sprinkler

pool noodle sprinkler diy

DIY $1 Pool Noodle Sprinkler

In case you haven’t noticed … we love all the things you can make using inexpensive pool noodles.  We purchase our foam noodles from the Dollar Store so they are the perfect go-to material when making something fun for the kids to do.  Pool noodle crafts are great for outdoor summer fun games and activities […] Read more…

ultimate pool noodle water sprinkler

Ultimate Pool Noodle Sprinkler

As you’ve probably noticed .. here at ZiggityZoom we love making family fun projects from pool noodles from the Dollar Store! If you buy your pool noodles from the Dollar store, this is an inexpensive $5 sprinkler.  Since it’s now the middle of summer, this is the perfect pool noodle project that combines both fun […] Read more…