DIY Nurse or Doctor Costume

DIY Nurse Costume

We love making kids dressup costumes for play or for Halloween. This adorable Nurse Costume or Doctor Costumeis a No-sew costume with complete instructions here.  This is a great costume to add to the playroom and it has a lot of play value all year long.  Because of how it is made, it can fit a variety of ages.

NEW! Make this cute and easy Nurse or Doctor dressup outfit for play or as a Halloween costume. It’s a no-sew costume to be made from a simple white pillowcase.

Items needed:

  • White pillowcase
  • Stickyback velcro
  • Scissors
  • Red Marker
  • Red Felt scrap
  • Craft glue


  1. Wash and iron pillowcase to remove any wrinkles.
  2. Cut off bottom border, including the seamed edge.  Set aside for later use for headpiece and pocket.
  3. Lay pillowcase flat on table and then cut a small neckhole from the top, center folded edge of the pillowcase.  Then cut a slit all the way down the center front of your pillowcase.  At the neckline, fold the top edges over to form lapels (long triangle shapes), then crease with your thumbnail to hold the crease.
  4. Across from the neck opening, at each side seam, cut away a 1/4 inch slice for the arm holes, slightly larger than your child’s arm, as this will form the “sleeve”.
  5. Dab a bit of white glue onto the cut edges to prevent fraying, if desired.
  6. From the bottom border, cut a small 3 inch section, leaving the stitched edge in tact.  This will be the pocket.  Lightly dab a bit of glue inside the two open edges to keep them closed.  When dry, cut three small strips of velcro to fit the sides of the pocket, then attach to the Nurse/Doctor outfit as shown, leaving the top edge open, of course.
  7. Use the remaining section of the bottom border to make the headpiece.  Fit around your child’s head, with an overlap, then cut off excess.  Add velcro to ends.
  8. Cut a small red cross from felt and glue in place in the center front of the headpiece.
  9. Using the red marker, write your child’s name on the top edge of the pocket.

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