Halloween recipes

This was such a fun little sandwich to create and just in time for Halloween.  I really love thinking up unique ways to get healthy fruits and veggies into the family.  What better way than to make it fun.  The kids enjoy making their own sandwiches, so it’s also a great option for a party.  We even like to set up a food station for a fun lunch or dinner … but a “Make your own Monster” sandwich bar is ideal for any Halloween party.   It helps to have a few examples of sandwiches to make and then kids or guests can come up with their own creations.  Below I listed the full recipe instructions and what you need for making the Witch sandwich.

Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with some new ideas for party sandwiches.  So, just as I did, play around with some different fruits, veggies and sandwich fixings to create your own magical party sandwiches.  This little Witch creation is the perfect combination of fun and healthy.


  • 2 slices light bread
  • 2 slices dark bread
  • Green apple
  • Carrot
  • Olive slice
  • Sandwich filling

Recipe Directions:

  1. Stack light slices of bread and cut out an angular head for the witch’s head.
  2. Stack dark bread and cut out a long, thin hat.
  3. Fill both sections with sandwich filling of your choice.
  4. A fun option here is to make grilled cheese.
  5. Set sandwich sections in place on the plate.
  6. Use long strip of green apple slice for the brim of the hat, layers two slices if needed.
  7. Cut small circular slices for polka dots from carrot and arrange on hat.

To make the witch’s hair, cut five irregular, slices of carrot and add to the plate.  Use an olive slice for the eye and a thin strip of apple for the mouth.

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