There is something about holding a pencil in your hand and the smell of a freshly sharpened lead point as you touch pencil to paper and the scribbling hits your ear. One letter in front of the other to form a word and then a paragraph.  Its sort of like holding a genuine book as you flip the pages one at a time and smell the printed ink and paper mingled together as it reaches your nose.  There is just something about it.  Its tactile and fulfilling.  Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy reading on my tablet and use plenty of apps on my phone, but there is something special about pulling out a crisp piece of paper and a pen to write a note, birthday card or thank you.  It is intentional, and a special touch.  While there are plenty of apps and online programs to teach kids to recognize their letters and learn to read, we still think the best way to approach learning to write and read is by first putting hand to paper.  Of course, learning by hand and reinforcing it through an app is perfectly fine.

It is a magical moment when your little ones learn to read.  How exciting to be able to transport oneself to a pretend world of make-believe.

Here are a few printable worksheets to help your child to learn her letters and numbers.

Alphabet Letter Tracing Worksheet

alphabet tracing page















Number Tracing Worksheet

number tracing



And remember learning to read and write should be fun.  Pick up a book and read to your child as often as you can.  Read everything to your child – the recipe you are following, a letter from a friend, a magazine post.

I still remember my favorite books and stories from my childhood.

Tidbit:  Teach your child how to write a thank you note and card and give it to someone.

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Remember kids learn from our example. If we, as parents, have let writing a thank you or card go by the wayside, they will never appreciate the art of extra touches and writing on paper, rather than just sending a text. Let’s not let real notes and letters die.[/bpiq]