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We love food.  I mean really love it. And who doesn’t love food- it tastes good, can nourish our bodies, bring families together, and comes in every color, shape, texture and size.

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We love small foods.  Bite sized foods, foods by the spoonful, little tidbits and small plates.  Kids love little foods but so does everyone else!!!

Bite Size Turkey Bites are perfect for the whole family and especially great during the summertime.

We created these for our kiddos and you can find the full recipes here-  Bite Size Turkey Bites.

Easy Mexican Chicken & Cheese Taquitos are so delicious I am not sure who love them more- the adults or the kids.  What we do know is these are a crowd pleaser every single time.  And the best pat- they can be made ahead of time or even frozen-  however you do it-  just pop them in the oven when you are ready to cook them.  we love pairing them with queso and salsa and a few Mexican sides.  Click here for the recipe and directions-  Easy Mexican Chicken & Cheese Taquitos.

Spaghetti Boats–  this one was inspired by my son Parker who loves spaghetti and bread and always wants to know when we are having it next.  Why not make pasta night fun and a little easier to eat?  We love making our food into traveling vessels- they are whimsical, and just make dinnertime so much happier.  Click here for the recipe and directions- Spaghetti Boats.



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