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Reindeer DIy Kids Christmas Craft

Reindeer Christmas Craft

Need: Cardboard paper tube Thin cardboard (arms/legs) Brown craft foam (ears/antlers) Red pom pom Wiggly eyes Thin copper wire Red & green cardstock (or craft foam) Paper towel Brown paint/ paintbrush Scissors Craft Glue Masking tape Needle Nose pliers Cotton ball What To Do: Starting with a 6 inch paper tube, tape a rolled up […] Read more…

DIY paper bowl craft

DIY Paper Bowls Craft Project

DIY Paper Mache Bowl Project Let’s make artsy paper bowls … that’s what I said recently to my two young granddaughters.  None of us had ever made paper before so it was a learning experience.  What fun though.  We started by tearing paper sheets, both colored and natural shades, into small squares about half an […] Read more…

DIy Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree

DIY Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Decor

DIY Christmas Trees We love bright colors to add extra cheerfulness during the holiday season.  To help you add some extra happy to your home, we designed this fun and easy Christmas tree holiday craft to brighten any little niche of your home.  They turned out so cute and we were surprised when Kristin’s ten year old […] Read more…

diy fringed t shirt

How to Make a Fringed T-shirt

One of our favorite summer craft projects is making fun t-shirts.  The kids love to find ways to either repurpose old t-shirts or we get really inexpensive ones from the craft store.  They always have a great selection of colors and tons of sizes.  At least they always do at both Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  […] Read more…

DIY Pool Noodle Bow and Arrow

Pool Noodle Bow & Arrow

  Kids are really into archery and any fun activity that involves a bow and arrow.  Since the Hunger Games introduction, the interest has really exploded.  Here is a safe and easy bow and arrow to craft from pool noodles.  The pool noodles we used were purchased from the Dollar Store and you only need […] Read more…

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