diy fringe t-shirt

One of our favorite summer craft projects is making fun t-shirts.  The kids love to find ways to either repurpose old t-shirts or we get really inexpensive ones from the craft store.  They always have a great selection of colors and tons of sizes.  At least they always do at both Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  Another option for inexcpensive t-shirts is the thrift store, of course.  But our favorite quick and easy t-shirt project at the moment is the fringed t-shirt.  It’s cute and a fun way to make a special summer shirt.  It’s also a great birthday party craft project, especially for girls.

diy fringe t-shirts

All you really need is a pre-washed t-shirt, preferably a long one, some scissors and some masking tape or some painters tape.  Note that for the green tee, we decided to also fringe the sleeves and we think it looks adorable!  Our instructions are already on ZiggityZoom so you can click over to get started.  For our full instructions for a DIY fringed t-shirt

fringed t-shirt

Another of our favorite t-shirt ideas is to use the fun and colorful sun-sensitive inks from Inkodye.  We tried these a while back and it is still one of the kids favorite projects.  Check out the directions for making the DIY t-shirts with Inkodye.

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