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Octopus Tag

Octopus Tag Outdoor Family Game

Octopus Tag Rules If you’ve never played Octopus Tag, now is the time to try this fun outdoor game. It can be played by all ages and even the adults can have fun. A great family game for all ages.  It’s a great game for family get-togethers or for a party game. For additional fun, […] Read more…

Fun Games for Kids

Games for Kids

Games for Kids Ever since I was a young girl, my family always played a lot of fun board games.  We had one night a week that was our family game night.  Once I started my own family, I always tried to include games for my kids while they were growing up.  Their first games, […] Read more…

bucket ball game

Old Fashioned Backyard Fun

Whenever my grandkids come to visit, they are barely out of the car when they start asking “what are we going to make?  what are we going to do?”  They all know that the plan will always revolve around what I call old fashioned fun.  We make things from recyclables when we can and we […] Read more…

diy foam bow and arrow

Fun and Games With Pool Noodles

Now that the weather is cooperating for outside play, it’s time we start thinking about some family fun and games.  The best fun, of course, is spur of the moment fun and since we have a very large extended family, we are always up for fun!  So any outdoor game or activity that is free, […] Read more…

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