hula hoop games

When I was growing up the kids in the neighborhood used to have hula hoop challenges.  It was truly amazing how long some kids could keep that hoop going. We introduced the kids and grandkids to hula hoops a few years ago when they started resurfacing at the dollar stores.  Have you tried these with your own kids recently?

The best part is that there are different size hula hoops available so even kids 3 and 4 can work the hoops and excel at spinning them around their little bodies.  This is such a great exercise and a fun family activity.  And … you can make up games that use the hoops in non-traditional ways.

I always notice that the kids, just like dogs, require a certain amount of exercise each day.  It keeps the kids in a more mellow zone if they have had some good running around outside or participated in some form of exercise. So, whether you are just planning a fun family day or getting the neighborhood kids together, this is a fun idea incorporating hula hoops.

Let the kids help decide if they want to do timed events, funniest events or events by age groups.  Obviously, if you have vastly different ages competing, you will want to make things much easier for the younger kids, unless you have a little one that is a super hula hooper.

Ideas for Hula Hoop Competitions:

  • Traditional timed Hula Hooping
  • Roll the Hula Hoop the farthest
  • Hula Hoop Frisbee throw
  • Two person in a Hoop relay race



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