diy gift boxes

DIY Mini Christmas Giftboxes

Often I am in need of just a tiny gift box.  If you’re like me, I can never find a small little gift box when I need one.  And I have spent many an hour searching for one.  So the other day when I was trying to find a little box, I decided to just […] Read more…

owl party favors

Owl Party Favors

Whenever we have guests for dinner, whether it’s family or friends, I like to make little party favors.  These little owls were a spur of the moment idea and they turned out really cute.  Although you could turn this same idea into many different themes for other seasons of the year.  But the little owls […] Read more…

DIY fabric shoes

Fun and Fabulous DIY Shoes

Shoes, who said shoes?  If you needed an excuse to get another pair of shoes, well here it is.  Kristin picked up a plain white pair of canvas shoes and a few fabric markers and look how cute our design turned out.  We went with sort of a tribal theme using only two colors.  But […] Read more…

sharpie diy t-shirts

Colorful DIY T-shirts the Whole Family Can Make

Last week I took some of the grandkids to the craft store and we bought solid color tees, colorful sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol.  Did I mention that my grandkids love making things?  I’m happy to see that some of my creative genes have passed on.  You can use solid color shirts that the kids […] Read more…

diy snowman craft mug

Easy DIY Snowman Mug

Having lived in the Northeast for half of my life, it seems like Snowman weather once it hits October.  Maybe that’s why I have an affintity for Snowmen.  I love all things that even resemble a snowman … how about you?  Snowmen are one of the most popular themes during the holidays and colder fall […] Read more…

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