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Pirate costume

DIY Pirate Costume

Easy to Make Pirate Costume for Kids Here is an easy-to-make Pirate vest and eyepatch for your favorite little pirate. Made from felt and shoelaces, there is no sewing required to make this pirate vest.  And if your little pirate want to make a fun pirate belt, instructions are also included below. Items needed: Black […] Read more…

school animal book labels to print

Colorful Animal Book Labels

Back to School is here !   It is both an exciting time for kids as they enter a new year of schooling and it’s a busy time for kids and families.   We love fun and colorful things and of course if it’s for school we think personalizing it is important for items that are not […] Read more…

art & creativity idea sticks

Fun & Games Sticks

Before school starts back, or as it goes back, why not create these fun washi tape sitcks with ideas on the back to play, create and do once life is busier- it’ll give the kids something to do and keep it simple and stick to ideas you know you can let them do in the […] Read more…

diy foam bow and arrow

Fun and Games With Pool Noodles

Now that the weather is cooperating for outside play, it’s time we start thinking about some family fun and games.  The best fun, of course, is spur of the moment fun and since we have a very large extended family, we are always up for fun!  So any outdoor game or activity that is free, […] Read more…

diy water swing

Make a Water Swing for Summer Fun

Summertime is time for water fun.  Our kids love any activity that involves water, whether it is just playing with a bucket of water or spraying the hose.  But here at ZiggityZoom, we love creating fun ideas for you and your family… especially inexpensive fun ideas that don’t cost much to make.  Our original pool […] Read more…

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