DIY Kids clown costume

DIY Clown Costume for Kids

Here comes the clown!  Such a fun Clown costume to make.  Kids can play dressup all year long and, of course, it’s a perfect Halloween costume.  This is an easy no-sew costume to make.

Items needed:

  • Colorful Pillowcase
  • 4 Big Colored Pom Poms
  • Elastic cording or 1/4 inch elastic
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • 1 large safety pin / 4 medium safety pins
  • Dollar Store accessories


  1. Iron pillowcase to remove creases and wrinkles first.
  2. Fold pillowcase in half, lengthwise, and then cut a small opening, on folded side, for the neck .  Unfold and then cut a slit down the back, only, about 5 inches long from the neck opening.
  3. Across from the neck opening, at each side seam, cut away a 1/4 inch slice for the arm holes.
  4. Dab a bit of white glue onto the cut edges to prevent fraying, if desired.
  5. Cut a piece of elastic that will fit around your child’s thighs, adding about 6 additional inches.
  6. Cut a small slit on the inside of the double thick bottom border, making sure not to cut into the front layer of fabric.
  7. Attach the large safety pin to one end of the elastic and then insert this into the opening of the border.  Making sure to keep the other end free, weave the safety pin through the entire border, gathering as you go.  Tie off end, leaving a short tail and push into border.
  8. Attach Pom poms to the center front of the costume or attach with hot glue if desired.  You can either make a big bow from a piece of fabric, folding over ends and tying in middle (attach to front of costume) or we found our clown nose, gloves and bow tie at the dollar store.

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