halloween diy cat craftMake this cute jointed “dancing” cat for a Halloween craft that’s easy to make. Just print, cut and assemble with string. Use this cat in the Halloween theatre from a cereal box or cracker box. A great DIY green recycling craft project. For a long-lasting cat, apply printout to cardboard or pre-cut 1/8 inch wood.

Items needed:

  • Heavyweight printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Thin waxed cord or heavyweight thread
  • Craft glue


  1. Print cat and cut out all parts by clicking here or clicking image above to open up the pdf and hitting print.
  2. Poke a hole, using a large needle or pin,  into designated “white” spots and also the “green” spots. Cut five 3 inch lengths of string .  Make a knot on one end of each string. Thread strings, from the front,  through holes in body and attach arms, legs and tail at “white” spots. Tie a knot on the back side.  Cut off ends and then apply a tiny dab of glue to knots and let dry.
  3. Now cut four lengths of string about 4 inches long.  Referring to diagram of back view, connect arms with a string, slightly loose, and tie off ends.  You are now working with the “green” dot holes.  Repeat with legs.  Now, connect the top string and bottom string, tauntly.  Attach another string to this vertical string to connect the tail.
  4. Poke a tiny hole in the top center of the cats head and thread a length of string through.  This cut be cut fairly long, accounting for where you will be hanging the cat to play with him.  Kids can hang from a doorknob or cabinet knob, for example.  You will tie a knot right above the cat\’s head, not too tight.  Make a loop at the other end so Cat can hang around and be made to dance.
  5. Cut another piece of string about 5 inches long. Make a loop at one end of the string (or attach a small plastic craft ring) to allow for a finger to dance the cat. Tie other end around the string that connects the two legs.
  6. If using Cat in the Theatre, you will attach the top string to the center top of the theatre, so cat has room to dance around.

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