Nature Inspired Twig Pencil Holder Craft

This rustic pencil holder is a great gift that kids can make. It’s a great craft for kids to make from recycled things. Birthday or Christmas gift, as well as a fun Father’s Day gift.

Items needed:

  • Skinny twigs from the yard
  • Three toilet paper tubes
  • Craft glue (Tacky white glue works great)
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard, 5×5 inch piece
  • Yard clippers  (to be used by adult or with supervision)


  1. Gather skinny twigs from your yard.  We found ours beneath a maple tree.
  2. Cut toilet paper tubes to three different lengths.  We cut off  1/2 inch, 1 inch & 1 1/2 inches from our tubes.
  3. Glue tubes together, so that all bottoms of tubes are level.  Let dry thoroughly.
  4. Cut a thin strip of cardboard or a straw (which we used) to the height of each tube.  This will be your guide to the lengths of twigs you need.
  5. Cut twigs to length of your guide, plus some that are a little longer.  ( Cutting should be done by supervising adult or older child with supervision)  This will give you a more random, rustic look.  Keep sizes separated for each tube … this will make it easier once you start gluing.  Wipe off twigs with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.
  6. Starting with the shortest tube, apply glue quite sparingly to a section.  Press twigs into place and continue around tube.  Let dry for a bit before starting next tube. Do the next two tubes in the same manner.
  7. For the tops of the “inner parts of tubes”, cut short lengths of twigs to glue and finish off.  Let dry.
  8. The last step is to cut the bottom of your holder.  Set the twig holder on top of the 5×5 piece of cardboard.  Trace around the entire piece.  Cut bottom to a little smaller size than your outline.  Glue to bottom of holder.
  9. You now have a great gift for Dad on Fathers Day and you may even want to make more for other gifts or for yourself!

nature inspired twig pencil holder craft

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