DIy Outdoor Games- Ball Toss

Games are always at the top of our list for outdoor fun during the summer months.  Kids need to get the exercise and if they have some fun activities they are bound to spend more time getting some sunshine and fresh air.

We love creating games using fun items that we have repurposed for additional fun.  To play this game, you only need small flying disks like we found at Target in the $1 section.  Add a lightweight ball from the Dollar Store and you are all set.

You can play our versions of Trampoline Ball solo, with 2 players, as shown, or with a group of players.

What You Need:

  • Small Fabric Flying Disks
  • Lightweight Rubber Ball

How to Play:


See how many times you can bounce the ball without letting it hit the ground.  Try to beat your best score or your friends score.  Have a solo bouncing tournament.


Have players stand a distance apart, from about 6 to 12 feet.  Distance will be determined by the age of the players and skill of players.  Once players have the hang of the game they can position themselves farther apart.

Bounce the ball to your opponent.  Ball must go directly to your opponent on the first serve.  Continue bouncing the ball back and forth between players.  If a player misses the ball, the opposite player gets a point.  Play to any desired, pre-determined score.


Each player should have their own mini trampoline disk to play the game.  Players stand in a circle, about 3 feet apart.  Players take turns playing from the middle.  Middle player, “the Cog”, starts play by bouncing the ball, serving, to any player.  Players try to keep the ball in play and the player who misses returning the ball to center is out.  The Cog, however, remains in the game until the end.

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