super ball relay race kids gameOur kids are always looking for something to do during the hot summer months.  Sometimes it helps to have a few ideas on the drawing board to help them get motivated to get outside and get moving.  Kids definitely need to get their exercise for both health and sanity reasons (for parents and siblings, right?).

Here is another game version of the egg on the spoon race.  We found fun colored plastic ice cream scoops at the Dollar Store and big rubber balls.  The object, of course, is to see who can run the length of the yard, or other designated area, without dropping their ball.  Winner is the first one to get their without dropping the ball.

How to Play the Super Ball Race Game

ball relay race game

  1. Give each player a scoop and a ball.  Balls should be large enough that they might fall out of the scoop.
  2. Have players line up at the start line.  Designated person, a non-player, says “go”.
  3. Players can walk or run but if their ball drops they need to restart at Start line again.
  4. No hands may touch the ball once the race begins, otherwise the player starts over.
  5. First player to reach the Finish line successfully, without dropping the ball, is the winner.

This game lends itself to a relay type of race if there are a bunch of kids or adults playing.  It’s a perfect party game or fun when having a summer picnic.  The kids really loved playing the Super Ball Race game.

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