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    Carrot, Peas and Corn Side Dish


Sometimes many of the dishes at the Thanksgiving table are too rich for kids.  This easy vegetable dish is colorful, fun, and festive and three veggies that most kids will eat.


Frozen bag of Corn (steamer bag)

Frozen Bag of Peas (steamer bag)

I Bunch Fresh Carrots

Salt & Pepper to Taste

1 TBSP Butter

To prepare:  Peel and cut carrots into round slices and then cut to make a flower shape.  Then sautee carrots in a sautee pan on the stove for several minutes until cooked as you sautee the carrots go ahead and microwave your peas and then your corn and add cooked peas and corn to a serving bowl. Once carrots are cooked add the corn and peas and butter and salt and pepper veggies to taste. Remove veggies from heat and put into a serving dish.  Add fresh parsley or another favorite herb on top of veggies and serve.


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