5 Best Homemade Craft Recipes


Sometimes we all need a bit of fun.  Kids especially are looking for fun things and to keep them busy sometimes we have to conjure up the fun ourselves.  To help in this endeavor, we have gathered a bunch of Craft Recipes that you can make at a moment's notice. Fun that you can create right  in your own kitchen and the kids get to help. No need to rush out to the store, and most of these things you probably already have right in your own kitchen.  So, get crafty with these fun homemade recipes.

Giant Sidewalk Chalk Recipe

sidewalk chalk recipe

Kids love playing with chalk and here is a great recipe that the kids can even help to make.  Your little artists will be delighted that they have helped to make this fun and colorful art material and then they can go be sidewalk artists to their heart's content!  From OhMyHandmade

Fun Crayon Recipe

crayons to make

If you have lots of broken crayons and crayons without their little wrappers, you will love this project.  Now there is no need to toss the little broken crayons when you can make these fun and colorful crayons at home.  Even coloring with these crayons is such a joy as the color is always changing.  A great tool for any little artist.  From Suenos Encantados

Make Moonsand

moonsand recipe

This is a super easy recipe that is sure to provide lots of fun hours of play.  And the best part is you can make it any color you want.  Moonsand recipe

Homemade Spray Paint

homemade paint recipe

Looking for a little fun that you can take outdoors?  Why not make this homemade spray paint.  Just wash and rinse some spray bottles, add a bit of non-toxic paint and dilute with water.  For use on paper, don't make the solution too watery.  For outdoor use, add more water so your child can have fun "painting" but the paint will wash away.

Giant Bubble Recipe

bubble recipe

Kids are always wanting to blow bubbles and so will you with this giant bubble recipe and tutorial right here on ZiggityZoom.  The kids love these and it is a fun activity when the kids get bored.

kids craft recipes