DIY slime recipe

Ooey, gooey slime.  It’s the craze of the craft world these days.  I didn’t realize how popular this craft activity was until I went to purchase some school glue.  I would have taken white glue or clear glue but there didn’t seem to be any in stock.  I, actually went to five differnt store and there wasn’t one container of school glue to be found.  It seems that boys and girls both love playing with this mixture.  Of course, I think boys out number the girls in wanting to play around with slime, or goo as some people refer to it.

It’s super simple to make in your kitchen and the kids can help or even make their own.  All you need are two main ingredients and some food coloring.  We love a clear kind of look, so we don’t add too much food coloring.

Ingredients for Making Slime:

  • 1 cup clear glue
  • 1 cup liquid starch
  • Food coloring


Mix glue and starch together well. You can divide into 3 or 4 clumps and then add a different color food coloring to each, if desired.  Or add food coloring to the whole shebang and let the kids play with one color goo.

It’s really fun … it stretches and sticks together for some slimy fun.  When finished playing, just store in a closed container for another day.

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