DIY Halloween Craft

Halloween House Craft

What fun for Halloween.  Make this easy Spooky House as a great centerpiece and the best part is that the Kids can help or even make it themselves.

Items needed:

  • Empty Cracker or Cereal box
  • Small box for Dormer
  • Craft foam – Orange, Purple, Yellow, Black
  • Small box or Triangular Foam Block for roof
  • Tacky glue
  • Black marker
  • Masking tape
  • 1 square of Green felt or construction paper
  • Black tempera paint / brush
  • Foam or Cardboard scrap for Monster gate
  • Stickers or cutouts for embellishment (optional)


  1. Tape boxes shut with masking tape.
  2. Paint large and small House boxes black and let dry thoroughly.
  3. Cut Orange strips from foam (approx 1/2″ x 2.5″) for the fence posts.  Number will depend on size box you use.  Our box was 6 inches wide, so we made our fence sections 9 inches wide. (we used 7 posts per section)
  4. From Black foam, cut 8 long, skinny “rails” for the fence sections to the length you want your fence for each side. (ours were 9″ long)
  5. For each fence section, lay down two rail sections about half an inch apart and then start gluing your posts onto the rails, spacing them faily evenly.  Remember that the charm is that everything isn\’t perfect … it is a haunted house.  Let sections dry and now work on the house.
  6. Glue little dormer section to your main house section and let dry.  Cut 5 Yellow windows from foam.  Cut 2 Purple shutters for each window – these will be faily skinny (refer to photo).  With black marker, make slash marks to make the purple sections look like shutters.
  7. Glue windows and shutters in place and let dry.
  8. Make a Monster gate (refer to photo) by cutting out either a piece of foam or cardboard (paint green) and then draw details for face and hair.  You can also make the hair and nose from another piece of foam or cardboard and apply on top of the face.
  9. Other gate options include – Pumpkin – Ghost – Skeleton – Witch – Black Cat Head

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