Snowglobe Kids Winter Craft

These are simple to make Snow Globes that all kids love to make and play with … even us big kids! We chose empty Plastic jars, like little mayonnaise jars and the new Coca Cola little round bottles to make ours. Easy craft to do with children for Christmas.

Items needed:

  • Plastic Jar or bottle, small  (Small mayonnaise jars work well)
  • Figure to go in center (for round bottles, choose something like a mini ornament that will fit into the opening)
  • White Glitter or snow
  • Clear silicone sealer
  • Small cardboard tube ( for stand -round coke bottles only)

Snowglobe Kids Craft


  1. Choose a figure or ornament that will fit into the opening of your selected container.
  2. Remove any label and wash container thoroughly.  Let dry.
  3. Using clear silicone sealer.  We used Liquid Nails silicone sealer.  Apply a small blob to inside of lid, making sure to not let it touch the side of the lid (so you will be able to close it tightly).  Push figure into sealant and let dry overnight if possible.  For our little round coke bottle, we used a small piece of copper wire and hooked it around the little nutcracker\’s waist, extending the wire towards the cap and making a tight scroll with the wire to stand insde the cap.  This was pushed into the silicone and let dry.
  4. Fill container 3/4 way full and then add about a teaspoon of glitter.  Shake well to distribute glitter.  Once glitter is mixed, then add a little more water, leaving room for the sidplacement of water by your figure.  Try inserting figure into water, without screwing the lid on first … hold lid to side and fill with a little more water, if needed.  Screw lid on tightly.
  5. As an option, you might want to use sealant to the edge of the lid to completely seal the opening.  If so, let dry completely before use.
  6. Shake your snow globe and watch your snowy display then set in a fun Christmasy place!
  7. * For Round coke bottle, cut a 2 inch piece of carboard tube (paper towel/ t paper) for a stand, which can be painted or covered with paper or colored duct tape.

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